Sketchy situation, need some advice

Discussion in 'General' started by Dread7Green, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. So i need some advice, right now i'm in a tough situation. I'll explain :

    Bassically i finally met this girl that all the guys talked about, she was the ultimate girl, independant, smokes, drinks, parties, well she was great for me anyway... I just ended a 3 year relationship and the next week met her. We shall call her jesse.. Me and jesse ended up getting really clsoe over the next couple weeks, but i made sure not to get too close, because she had a bad rep. (slut,thief,etc) but i still thought she was cool to be with we got along great and everything was smooth untill.. Shit went missing.

    First it was a 90.00 signed check (was leaving that morning to cash it) then later a 20.00 bill, then a quarter from my stash (sep. baggies, one was missing). then a bottle of cologne she loved (she would always spray it on herself and say how much she loved it.. it was really expensive shit lol)..

    Now i'm not perfect i do loose shit, but not often and never of such importance. Then i ended up talking to her ex bf, and he told me shit went missing all the time for them 4 months they dated, once they broke up it stopped..
    Another friend said an ipod and some liquor went missing at a party she was at, and they figured she was the only one with access to the room..

    What i'm trying to say is i've discovered this girl is very well a theif, but i'm so into her i can't see it myself, and i've given her a "Second chance". Well she f$cked up last night. We are at the dorms, my scale is out on the table to weigh the blunt we just rolled.. Well supposidly (i was very intoxicated at the time) i wasn't looking, they handed the scale towards me and she said she'd give it to me when i was off the phone. Well i don't have it..

    What should i do here? How do i confront her on this subject? should i confront her (the reason i ask is because she has something very very serious on eme as black mail, something that i can't talk about on this forum) and i don't want to piss her off into snitching, or worse..

    Sorry im' just venting and searching for some advice,
    thanks everyone for the help
  2. IMO, try to end it very casually while not letting her know that you know about all her asshole thief bullshit. The only reason I'm saying this is because if she does have blackmail on you, that just sucks. If shes an asshole enough to steal from you while pretending to be chill with you, I'm sure she wont have a problem screwing you over with something like that, which I'm guessing by the way you worded it was pretty serious.
  3. I would just end things.
    Slowly though, so she wont get pissed and tell everyone your "secret"
    You have to choose though, you can stay with her and have her steal or your shit or you can just find a better girl

    think about it
    do you really want a chick that steals all your shit?
  4. wow, if i caught some skeez stealing my shit she would be out the door as fast as i could throw her out of it, fuck that man, go to her spot, take by force whatever item or evidence this skeez bag is holding over your head, and leave. dont touch her or do anything stupid just go take your shit and leave.
  5. Kick her to the curb bro, she sounds like a grimy female who uses people. I wouldn't even confront, I would just end it.
  6. wow, thats rather fucked. Under those same circumstances, I wouldnt have given her a second chance. Come on, a $90.00 check is missing, and you're not one to lose shit? FUUUUCK THAT!

    Keep in mind, as others have stated that "breaking it off" completely.. she just may still have the mind to tell everyone your "secret". It's not like you'd be friends anymore anyway, so why should she give a fuck about keeping it? Especially if its something really bad that might embarrass you. A last time fuck-over, if you will.

    I say, cut your losses, DONT let her back into your place, and hang out as minimal as possible. Until she gets the idea and says fuck it.
  7. just burn her house down or something like that
  8. Well, normally I would just say to put that bitch in her place. Tell her to get the fuck out and that you want all your shit back or you're calling the police.

    But I dont know what she has on you. Did you kill someone? If so, that might be a problem. Or, if she starts telling people shit, can you just deny it and base your argument on the fact that she's a liar and a thief anyways?

    On second thought, i think that's your best option. If she starts static and tells people about the homeless guy you stabbed when you were drunk in Tijuana, then just ask them whether they're gonna believe you or a known thief.
  9. ^^^^ Agree. that or get even dirtier dirt on her.

  10. I'll +rep you for basically taking the words out of my mouth.

    Get your head out of your ass man, get away from that chick!
  11. Dude, if a girl was stealing from me, id go to her house, and snatch everything i could find. Doesnt matter if you like it, make sure she does.

    then smash it all with a sledge hammer
  12. Or trade it to a dealer for some bud.:cool:
  13. Hahahaha, or money :)
  14. hahahha shes playinggg you man

    dump that bitch
  15. Been here, seen this. Only with me it was a credit card abuse situation. The fact she was willing to do just about 'anything' for me, if you get my drift, was not enough when I saw just how much she was willing to 'use' my finances. She "liked" me as long as I fed her cash and emotional energy.

    Dump this one. The hardest way possible. And tell her and everyone else exactly why.

    My current partner is a dear. Find a nice one, even one who isn't as 'hot'. And you'll be a lot happier.
  16. she cant steal from you OR blackmail you if shes dead.....jus sayin
  17. ^^ Not good advice...

    Don't do anything irrational. It wouldn't be worth it.
  18. Have sex with her for as long as possible, really show her what she'll be missing out on after you break away from her.

    Basically, fuck the shit outta her and make her fall in love w/ your "tool" and then pull the carpet out from under her and tell her its over.

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