Sketchy or not? Maybe bad?

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    So do you guys think this is wrong? Ive been engaged for awhile now and weve been scraping by on money for awhile now, and due to this my "smoking" habits have taken a hit. So to support my habit and put some money in my pocket for when i need a bag, i opened an online "sex" shop. lol. By sex shop i mean everything from lingerie and toys to dvds. Its not making very much and she hasnt noticed the extra money, but i was wondering if you guys thought it was wrong? Should i tell her? lol.

    The site is LaviouslyLushious | For those who enjoy a lavious lifestyle, discreetly. if you want to check it out. 18+ only please.
  2. you should 100% tell her, but def keep it on the low low from friends a fam lol
  3. Im scared shitless haha. Its too late to cut my losses, ive already bought all my product, but shes not nearly as, shall we say, open and accepting of this type of thing as i am. Its nice cause it covers my weekly bag but like i said i dont want this to be relationship ending... =p
  4. OP.

    Your making this bad. You need to say you opened a sex shop. And say you were nervous about telling her. But tell her. And ASAP. Because I would be sooo pissed if my man kept it from me.

    Also your engaged. That means you're going to become one. That's when you tell escorted everything. That's important like that especially.
  5. Either phising/scam website or troll.

    Why would you be required to tell your wife about a business you run?
  6. Because were in an open relationship for the most part. Its something ive done recently and its been eating me up a bit, but like i said im worried itll be relationship ending.
  7. I agree with you. Thats what im most worried about, that i wont nut up and do it, well tie the knot, then awhile down the road im just like "hey i own a sex shop! Surprise!". It would piss me off. Ill sit down and have a chill sesh tonight and bring it up in the a.m. hopefully all goes well =p
  8. Where do you keep all your product?
  9. That was my first problem lol. I bought two lockhouses about 10 mins away. I ship it all to the post office with a hold notice, pick it up and bring it to the lockhouse until i get an order in. Luckily she works nights and me days, so i can do a little sneaking around when i need to =p
  10. longer you wait to tell the worse its gonna be
  11. Its tokin time now. lol. It can wait till morning. Im just hoping its not all out nuclear war when i do bring it up... =p
  12. Use the money for her some and she will be much happier then if you are just spending it on your bag
  13. This a troll ???
  14. Hustles a hustle
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