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Sketchy lsd

Discussion in 'General' started by jagfan, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. Well i have been waiting to get some acid for a long time and everytime i think im getting some i end up getting ripped off. So the other day my friend and i found this person who said they were going to get some lsd soon. So my friend and i started asking this person questions about it, and he said that they were ordering it off the internet and that it came in two powders.(apparently you order them in seperate orders so it doesnt look fishy) and then you mix the two powders and do some other shit and it makes lsd. Then you take this 'lsd' (its a powder) and just put it on your tounge and you trip. Now i dont doubt that you trip, i just would like to know what im taking. So im wondering if anyone else has heard of this or anything like this
  2. dont be a dumbass here. use your head on this one. i for one wouldnt do that. you have no clue to whats in the power really if it comes from the internet
  3. haha for one, if you dipped your finger in powder and then put it in your tongue and it WAS lsd..... that'd be like 5 hits if it was real.... and also lsd doesnt really come in powder form although it can come in crystals, which r mad expensive and u wouldnt get em off the internet.

    speakin of acid i'm gettin 10 hits friday, i'ma eat 1 friday, 3 on monday, and 6 the following friday.
  4. Ive heard of people making it pretty easily. Maybe he's just ordering the shit to make it. seems like he knows what he's doing..... Find out what hes getting and then decide to take it or not.
  5. Some things are worth holding off for.....
  6. its probably not actual lsd. from the description you gave, it sounds like one of the many legal research chemicals you can buy on line... 2c-i, 2c-b somehting along the lines of that.....

    I dunno, id check em out first....

  7. Unless your a chemistry graduate with a whole lab to work with and endless supplies of equipment, it isn't likely you'd be able to produce the stuff on your own.

    Possibly LSA, but not LSD.

    And like gravy just said, I'd imagine its probably a research chemical. Which could still be fun, if you know exactly what it is and what your getting yourself into.

    Good luck man.
  8. I dont know man, Ive heard of a couple people making it, but I dont have any real first hand experiance.

    In Fear and loathing they cook some up to.

    I'll investigate
  9. Read Acid Dreams: The Complete Social History of LSD. Very informative. :)
  10. Okay, I researched it and I know I could make it.

    Actually Im gonna try, so we'll see how it turns out.
  11. well, it matters where u are.....

    some LSD comes in its solid form, or crystals, but round my area, it comes in viles, and u put like 1 or 2 drops on ya tongue.....or u can inject it into a sugar cube and pop that.....

    but in your case, i wouldnt take it.......being the evil person i am, i would probably just let someone try it first, lol.......

  12. by any chance does how u make it involve morning glory seeds, wood alcohol and petroleum ether? if thats the case u aint makin LSD your making LSA..... pretty big difference cuz u gotta add a "diethyl" to that last A in lsa which is ridiculously hard to do

    making real LSD goes a lil sumthin sumthin like this

  13. ok guys im really sorry for not replying, but i was away from the computer for a few days. but anyway i still am not sure what is in that powder that this person has so i will futrher question them about it when i see them again, they were worried about giving me the stie because they were afraid that i would try to sell some. (this person is kind of perpetually zoned out from too much shit). i do think that it is probably some reaseach chemical , and i would like to know what i it is before trying it so the trip on that stuff will be delayed until i can find out what it is. but on a good note i have found another person that is selling the real stuff (its a miricle to find it here) and they have injected 2 hits of lsd onto spree candies, and hopefully i will get one for my first trip tomarrow! hah wish me luck

  14. i've never done acid, and i may not be real educated, but 6 hits? sounds like you'll have one hell of a time. tell us how it goes.

  15. Nope, not LSA, Im talking LSD. google it: "How to make LSD"
    You just need a couple odd ingredients and after that it doesnt seem to difficult...
  16. i would never make something chemically and take it expecting a trip.. that just has bad news written all over it...
  17. the actual recipe for lsd is about two pages of nothing but chemicle formulas and procedures for making it, so unless your pretty teched out and have acess to a fully working chem lab, good luck......

    otherwise, its probably as other people stated, lsa, a research chemicle or another thereputic strain of hallucenigenic....

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