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  1. Alright, I consider myself a nice guy.. most times to nice for my own good. I have this friend I'll call Skeet Thompson.. I've known skeet for 15+ years.. Lately I've noticed a LOT of sketchy behavior.. When I bring it up he says im being paranoid..

    1:Caught him looking in my Truck trying to find my stash while i was out of the truck.
    2:I was down to 4-5 pinch hits in my dug-out and he smoked them while i took my dogs outside... tried hiding it by smoking it in a diff room of mine.
    3:Recently he went to get an 8th for him and I and he brings himself back some FIRE called Romulan.. And gives me 3.5 Grams of some no taste, that i dont even get a high from.. said his guy asked him "How much of this is for you" and he said only an 8th. So i get the nasty jazz.

    I feel like i get used a lot.. Pretty fuckin sick of it. Tired of being the nice guy. Should i cut this dude some slack? Or Do i have a reason to trip?
  2. Um fuck this guy why are you still friends with him? I've learned you gotta cut people quick, if they do you wrong you should feel no obligation to be their friend. Loyal to those loyal to you. Fuck everyone else.
  3. all i gotta say fuck that foo
  4. Fight that foo
  5. Man dont get too mad, he is your friend for 15+ yrs and them friends are hard to come by.
    Maybe he is goin through a hard time making money or such.
    Talk to him about it after all thats what friends are there for.
  6. I take it your good friends?

    I have good friends and we all go through hard times.
    Is it recently you noticed or goin on a while?
    I know the feeling.... too nice to want to say anything.

  7. Honestly just that one is some shit I would definitely be pissed at.

    It sounds like he is very selfish, just call him out. Honesty is the best policy man, for real.
    Just tell him "Hey dude you're being a selfish prick and not a very good friend, straighten your shit out or we're not going to be friends for much longer".
  8. Since you've known him for so long I guess he's generally a good friend of yours. With that in mind I'd say you should bring it up with him. There's nothing wrong with "sitting down and talk" with your good friends. Just tell him what's up and how you feel about it. Do it when you're both high or something. It should go by easier then. Just tell him that and that. He'll figure out that if he doesn't get his act together you and him will no longer be friends.

  9. Yeah, it jus happened a few days ago.. I have been stewing about it.. more i think about it the more angry it makes me. Number 3 is deff the one that pissed me off the most.
  10. I GAVE my Vaporizer to Skeet Thompson.. So he could give it to his guy to get a couple grams of tree, when he was dry. Skeet Thompson let everyone i needed the couple grams of tree.. and not him... I still let ppl think it was for me.

    I've taken over grams of ground up tree when he was dry for a couple days...

    Sry a few things are poppin back into my head.. I get more angry the more i think about shit.. ya know?
  11. why do you keep saying his full name? Hey Skeet
  12. Never understood why people act like this over WEED, its not like its some hardcore junkie drug.
  13. Skeet Thompson is fuckin up
  14. lol skeet thompson

    anyway, fuck this guy, hes obviously not a good friend. just stop talkin to him. ive had friends like this, they still try to talk to me after i told em to go away. they're just out to use people, thats it.
  15. Yeah. I'm going to leave him be. Gonna find me some peeps that are not sketchy
  16. Hide yo kids, Hide yo wife, Hide yo weed.

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