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Sketchy Dealer/Pickup

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KbX, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Ok I know I'm new to the forums and all so yeah, I just want your opinions.

    About 8 or so weeks ago me and my friend were in dominos pizza at like 3am after a party, this guy comes in and asks if we smoke weed so hesitantly I say yeah, he gives me his number and says call me if I ever need anything more than an 1/8th or so.

    About 2 weeks pass and I give the guy a call, arrange to meet him. Now, I was picking up 7 grams (metric system I know) for 70, pretty standard. I go to meet him alone, and its in the rougher part of town going down weird back alleys and the like, at this point I sorta realized it was a dumb idea but there was no turning back now. So after getting lost and eventually meeting the guy he said he had to just go round the corner and get it. Now, I know, you should never front money and he said over the phone he had it on him, so reluctantly I hand him the money, and he goes off. 10 Minutes pass and I ring him up, no answer, I wait half an hour and still no answer, I say fuck this and walk home. 4 days pass and he rings me saying he got caught by the police and taken in, I saw this as plausible as I saw a lot of cop cars around at the time.

    About a week later I get some cash of my friends cus they all wanted to pick up a half O, so sort it out with the dude he says he'll do it for 100 cus of what happened last time, me and 2 friends go meet him, and its like 12 in the rough part of town, he walks to the house and we lose him - again. Were all fucking mad at this point so we go home and watch a film, sober. I ring him on a pay phone later in the night and he answered, I didn't say anything but just made sure it was him.

    So now today, after roughly 6 weeks he texts me saying the dealer fucked him up cus he's on steroids and thought he snitched him to the cops. He said he stole his phone and the money.

    I know thats bullshit cus I rang him later in the night, so now he wants to meet me and sort me 'power lemon haze' this guy thinks I'm some sort of retard. So, I apologise for the wall of text, but what would you do in the situation? Thankss
  2. [ame][/ame]
  3. Yeah, you should have ended it the first time when he said he had to go around the corner to get it. Terrible move going back to him with even more money.
  4. What he burned you twice damn
  5. Cut your losses, lick your wounds and call it a day. Moneys gone, this guys sketchy, Lose him and find someone legit. Plus why would you want to buy from a dude who gets caught by the cops? Like they wouldn't watch him after that?
  6. Trust your instinct. If someone seems sketchy, its best not to buy from them.
  7. Haha I actually texted the guy saying the 'shame on you' thing, don't think he grasped the concept. Yeah, I know, in hindsight it was a really dumb idea, but in my defense I had just moved to this place and had no dealer to speak of, so it was a sort of last ditch attempt. It may have even been for the best as that bad experience pushed me into growing and I think that's probably for the best.

    It's sort of shitty, you give someone the benefit of the doubt and give them your hand earned cash, just for them to completely fuck you over. Some people eh?
  8. You let him get you not once, but twice.

    Live and learn my friend.
  9. #9 headsmaster, Aug 8, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 8, 2011
    Yea dude don't trust scumbags like that. Also if the person is selling to you and they don't have anything, chances are they don't actually sell haha. I personally prefer buying from girls due mostly to my last hookup because girls are usually less sketchy and are nicer most of the time.

    edit: But it's great you've decided to grow your own, there's honestly nothing better man. I'm waiting for the day when I can do the same.
  10. Beat his bitch ass
  11. Cut your losses and move on man, this is one of those unfortunate events where all you're getting is a life lesson in return.

    I had some guy way back in high school rip me off when I tried to buy a blackberry through him...he kept needing more money and eventually he stopped talking to me all together...I was out $150. Happens to most people at some point.
  12. Fuck id go for a third time and beat his ass And take his money. I doubt id do that but i might if im angry enough.
  13. Common sense?

    You are probably so easy to scam that he just keeps coming back for more. Damn dude, just stick to a straight dealer and stop fucking yourself over.
  14. Just as much as he is a sketch, you are dumb. And personally, I rather not be the latter.
  15. He straight up robbed you period.
  16. You basically got mugged, twice

    Say yes to the lemon then jump him when he shows up
  17. I wouldn't call myself dumb, the decisions I made may have been ill chosen but judging someones intelligence on one choice seems a bit short sighted. I'm sure you've all made poor decisions which had negative consequences more than once?

    Granted, I was robbed. I can dress it up anyway I like but it doesn't change the inconvenient truth. I'll just tell him I'm not interested and keep myself to myself. Violence never solves anything in my opinion, even though it would be very gratifying.

    Surely some of you have shared similar experiences?
  18. Seeing how you're posting on this im assuming you're at least 18, and with that said man you're fucking clueless m8. Think next time, you're never to deep into anything, should have turned back the first time your conscience told you to. Obviously whats done is done, just learn from this experience and be more cautious next time.
  19. I would set up a time and date to meet him, and beat the living dog shit out of him with some of my boys.

    And say some cheeky shit like "I don't smoke weed, I smoke fools like you on the BBALL court"
  20. i honestly would of shot him for doing that shit :|

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