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Sketchy dealer. Did i get ripped off?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FreshXD, May 6, 2011.

  1. I've only been smoking for a few months now and have been trying to find a dealer. Talked to a guy today and he told me he'd hook me up with am eighth for $30. Now here dubs are $20 so I was like wow cool I'm getting a good deal. Then all of a sudden when I get there he's like oh the batteries on my scale broke but I took a pic of me weighing it. It was 1 bud maybe a lol bigger than a quarter and on the scale it said 3.2 grams and he was like yeah subtract .3 from the bag and it's 2.9 which is an eighth. And I was like wait, I thought 3.5 was an eighth. I knew he was wrong but I was like idk man that doesn't look like an eighth so he was like oh no it's just dence so he grinded it down and it actually did look like a lot more. He smoked me up though and let me chill for a while which was cool. So I'll post some pics of it grinded up and tell me how much you think it is. If you can tell menthe quality that would be cool too. Im not am expert on weed but to be honest I don't think it looks that good. It's not like brick weed or anything like that. But it def doesn't look or smell dank. It was only $30 though. So did I get ripped? And next time If I buy from him again If he doesn't have a scale then I'm not buying.

    Ik I made a lot of mistakes in the whole thing and that I should of just been like no thanks but he's the only dealer I can find.

    Sorry for shitty pic quality. Hope you can make something out of it. Thanks GC

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  2. why would he anticipate the scale breaking by taking a picture of what he weighed out?
  3. That only looks like 2gs to me....
  4. i would have told the guy to make it a true 8th (3.5) or leave and not buy from him again. i have no idea what type of bud that is from looking at the picture but $10 grams sounds about right for mids (depending on where you live)
  5. So you already smoked out a bowl or two out of it? How does it smoke, how good is the high? It looks like some swag def not 30. you got scummed maybe 10 bucks if you ask me. sorry dude
  6. First off bags weigh 1 gram (2 grams if they are ziplock)...So you actually bought 2.2

    And that weed looks like mids at best...probably regs/schawg tbh...
  7. #7 FreshXD, May 6, 2011
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    That's exactly what im saying. He said that he knew the batteries were low so he wanted to be safe. I call bs
  8. Oh yeah oh yeah. U got ripped. It's cool u learn from your mistakes.
  9. same here. and giving 3.2 for an eighth is pretty bad practise.
  10. He may have lied but hes just trying to make a sale, like most dealers do. 2.9grams for 30$ isnt all that bad though, i would use him more of a backup IMO
    EDIT: Just read most of the replies and yeah you paid like an extra 10 bucks, but like i said, maybe a backup if youre really fienin.
  11. yeah ya got ripped, looks like decent mids though... at least you didnt get TOTALLY ripped...
  12. #12 FreshXD, May 6, 2011
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    I only took about 3 hits. Felt pretty good but I'm pretty sure it was only a head high. I had a major buzz kill walking home though when I saw a random cop car so that killed it. Im gonna role a joint and smoke it tomorrow. I'll keel you posted buy I'm not expecting anything big
  13. Let us know how it smoked, And if you deal with the dude again.. or any other sketchy shit like this bring your own scale. Id like to hear an excuse not to use a top quality working scale.
  14. the weight should be, the bud, on the scale, nothing else.. sack weight does not matter, all sacks weight different, some sacks weigh up to a gram..
  15. it looks not so great, like i dont know though it'd have to be in my hands.

    does it have crystals on it? cause that doesnt even look green to me.

    usually good bud is like a light green, and lower mids to shwag is like brownish..

    but hey i can also not tell when its grounded up like that because i dont know how many layers are there below the top layer of bud, but it looks as if maybe 1 layer so i'd say that is close to about 3 grams.

    if it was on "the scale" though at about 3.2 grams, i dont understand how the scale is broken.

    im confused, but if i were you i'd get a different hook since this bud don't look too dank.

    keep it nugged up next time too for better viewing and advice or whatnot.

    enjoy the bud though bro, buds bud!!

    easy man
  16. #16 MassManic, May 6, 2011
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    first off. always 3.5 for an eighth...
    second off, that doesnt look very dank at all, but not complete bunk.
    id pay like 30 a quad tops...if its what it looks like..
  17. Dude, it seems like you paid $30 for some cheapass chinabud. Sorry bro, happens to the best of us at times.
  18. #18 Shpongle, May 6, 2011
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    Well, if it was worth the money then you didn't get ripped off. Now if you wanted a legit 3.5 grams for what you payed, then yes, in that sense you did get ripped off. Sounds really sketchy that he took a picture of the scale before he met up with you, and it still read 3.2? You'd think he would just toss another nug on there and make it read to 3.5. I wouldn't recommend buying from him again either.

    Edit: Now that I'm not quite so drunk; don't buy from that guy again. He definitely ripped you off on that bag.
  19. #19 FreshXD, May 6, 2011
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    It was light green when it was a full nug. And I pointed out to him that I couldn't see any crystals and he was like what are you talking about and was like I see a million. If they were there then they were very small. Im not really am expert with that though. Im still a noobie
  20. That is some schwag mayne. a dub sack brotha man. Smoke nothing but kind bud brah. That dirt burns.

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