Sketchy dealer, did I do the right thing

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mrloverlover, Aug 31, 2019.

  1. My dealer wanted to borrow my car to "make some moves" at 9 Pm in exchange for free weed. Was gonna do it then I realized holy shit I might be walking into shit, kinda panicked , flaked out , and now I have no dealer but still got my car.

    Did I make a very streetwise move or am I a pussy.


    P.s. a friend had warned me that this dude stole his Xbox....
  2. FUCK I'm like kicking myself now because I have no fucking dealer now
  3. Relax theres a ton of dealers out there. You did what you thought was right so it was right. I would never allow a sketchy dealer to use any of my vehicles.
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  4. Well he got uppity when I started asking about specifics, was very vague, tried to guilt trip me about "what he does for me"....afaic I could be at gunpoint and our of a vehicle rn. Maybe I'm a pussy and maybe I'm paranoid. But fuck it dood I trust my gut and I trust no one, agent mulder.
  5. Never let anyone take yo car who's in the game. Lesson will be learnt if ya do!

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  6. Yeahhhh I was probably gonna get rolled lol
  7. Great reason to find another dealer
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  8. I think it's the circle of life. I bought from him for a year, he probably started figuring I might be trusting more, and it's the nature of the game that very few dealers are permanent as far as I can tell
  9. I'd never let a dealer take my car lol think of it this way: it should be easier to acquire weed than a new car. You'll find a new plug
  10. When the kid found I had a car he was really interested for some reason lol. He's like 18 btw. He said I could ride with him but I just had a sick feeling in my gut that I was gonna get there then a couple other guys were gonna pull up on me. He wouldnt tell me exactly what he was doing with it either. "Making moves" apparently. Tf
  11. Idk i feel like a bitch and I'm PISSED I have no plug now but sometimes you have to listen to ur gut and avoid taking risks that you foresee the consequences of being irreparable. Adulthood 101 i guess . I'm in a college town I should be able to find someone like in less than a week
  12. Lol....I can just imagine him stuffing his dismembered gf into your trunk for a trip to the nearest wooded area.
  13. Sounds like he wanted to use your car to make pickups and deliveries.. "Make Moves" = Do business..

    It's not the best idea to let someone take your car to go do illegal shit but what makes you think he was going to try to "roll" you? Beat you up for your $30 of 1/8th money? Why?

    I can't imagine having only 1 "dealer"..
    Don't you have friends that are connected or have connections?
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  14. No I was worried I was gonna get my car jacked lol. So maybe I'm fucking paranoid and a pussy in the event that everything would have turned out normal. Mea culpa

    Weird as it sounds no. I'd been buying for him for a year. Everyone I knew at school who did graduated . The only person I know right now who smoked weed is my dad and to this date i have no idea where he gets weed. Odd that. Oh and my buddy but he's a lightweight who gets high off of nothing he barely buys any and he buys it from his brother who is a dickhesd
  15. I wouldn't have let him take my car either..
  16. Good call my Padawan!
  17. Screw that I wouldn't loan out my car, especially to a dealer.
  18. Would you rather have no dealer or no car? Lol
  19. Dealer with no car! Raises the chances of some ghetto shit happening down the road. Find urself a plug that has a wife and kids lol

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  20. Well his name was Nylik and he was about as ghetto as it gets
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