Sketchy/Crazy/Cool shit happended to me last night.

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  1. Last night me and a couple of my friends were chilling at this pool hall we useally go to that is chill, we were dry and nothing was really going on that night. About halfway through my first game three dudes walk in and there all buff as fuck and like 6 feet fucking tall, they got beards and tattos and shit the whole 9 yards. they walk up to me and my friends and ask for a guy who frequently goes to the pool hall were in Dave , so i said "nah man i dont know where he is". Then the biggest of the 3 walks up to me and i can smell the booze off him and he says to me "i need to fucking find him , you know someone who knows where hes at call them". I didnt really want to get involved so i told him i didnt know anybody who knew him really so these guys bailed. Before they left they left me there number and said when you know where hes at call us anytime they said theded give us whatever we wanted.Oh yeah i fergot to mention they were pissed as fuck the whole time we were talking to them practiacly yelling and shit.
    So anyways me and my friends were talking and wondering what the fucks up when we see this Dave kid walk in a couple hours later.(This Dave guy thinks hes a hustler and hes ripped me off in the past so im not fond of him , hes one of those guys who thinks hes tough shit)I didn't really want to rat the guy out cause these guys were oviously not pleased with him but one of my friends called the buff fuckers and said he was at the pool hall.
    There squeel into the parking lot into thier truck and hop out. They run in grab dave and drag him outside. Dave is pleading with thtem saying something about paying them there money and they just beat the fuck out of him. It was pretty brutal they took turns and shit they would punch him and knock him over then stand him up then do it again.Dave was fased as fuck and drove home after a bit he chille doutside for like half hour byhimself. These buff fuckers come back to me and my friends and tell us to go with them. Two of my friends didnt go but me and two more guys got into there truck with them. They were in the frount and we were in the back and they thanked us and shit. They drove us out too the woods and we got out and they had some bud. It was pretty decent a good smoke we smoked about 6 doobies between the 6 of us then went ripping through the woods on a honda quad and a bike that were on the back of the truck. We got a little bonfire going and ended up getting drunk as fuck. One of them drove us back into town a few hours later and we walked home.Overall pretty fucked night.
  2. Man, I wasn't expecting you to do smoking with them, thats freakin awesome!
  3. Bro you need to learn sentence/paragraph structure.

    That shit looks ridiculous.
  4. Sorry bro im pretty buzzed, thank fuck for the backspace button though.
  5. thats fucked your your boys part. You let some kid get his ass beat when you easily could have avoided it. Even if the kid has shorted you before you really let that happen?
  6. all i can say is, i prolly wouldve done the same.
  7. I thought you was a goner when you said they drove you to the woods!:smoking:
  8. thats tight man. reminds me of the time at Gathering of the Vibes and Camp Creek. Hells Angels were security and they were the happiest chillest mother fuckers. One of the kids we went with were tight with them so we got to chill in their quarters and they had the illest hookups for anything(though you could literally get anything at the festival, their quality was better).

    Anyways good deal man. Sucks what happened to the guy, but honestly don't fuck with gambling if you can't walk the walk. I'm guessing the guy bailed on them after they won a game or something.
  9. You should have called bovice and let some *****s run train on them.:)

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