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  1. So today I walked into my local gas station and bought a pack of blunt wraps because I recently broke my glass pipe. As I was about to walk away two cops that I didn't realize were standing behind me look at me with a smirk on their faces before one of them just steps in front of me and goes "huh...what are you gonna use those for?" I replied they were for tobacco, and he goes "right...that's what they all say". So I just blew them off and started driving home when in my mirror I see those same cops creeping up on me, following me home thinking I didn't see him. Wtf, did he think I was gonna get in my car and just roll up and start smoking right in front of them? What the hell is up with that? Sketchiest cops I've encountered in awhile. Anything like this ever happen to you? :confused:
  2. Nah but I would have said fuck off because in reality you aren't doing anything wrong.
  3. Th most definitely got picked on in high school.

    Next time, save yourself the problem all together and just go buy it somewhere else or wait till they go (depending on the state). The fact that ye followd you home is really sketchy and would make me feel real uncomfortable personally
  4. ^Yeah.
    (i may be high and paranoid) But what if they remember you and shit. and start stalking out your neighborhood? You could've just unintentionally burned your street bro:eek:
  5. They were probably just joking, man. We have a cop come into my work all the time, and they'll go "Huh. What do you have a lighter for, son?", and it's all just poking fun. But who knows, maybe they thought you'd be thoughtless enough to smoke up in front of them. Lots of people surprisingly are.
  6. can you legally tell a cop to fuck off?
  7. i was at a 7/11 at 5am after a rave

    drugs in my lap and cops pull up for there donut stop like 3 cars. and they know me in that town so there like
    hey buzzwell what are u doing???

    "going to work construction just geting some food"

    suuuure .

    yeah dude multple felonies where in between my legs open air.

    i was inches away from prison once again

  8. You'd be surprised. There are tons of people who are stupid enough to do that.
  9. [quote name='"home wrecker"']can you legally tell a cop to fuck off?[/quote]
    Yes you can. But you never know what they'll do

  10. Yeah... I had a girl cop follow me and my buddy's in my friends expidition, like 7 people in the car, they followed us from my buddys house all the way to my house where my friends droppes me off, then they followed them back to his house where they pulled him over for no reason at all... It ended up being a chick cop with a rookie tagging along.. She searched all of m friends for no reason, they were all lik wtf r u doing... Anyways she ended up letting them go... But i guess she was stalking the house all dat because it was a supposed "drug dealing" house because of all the people that kept entering and leaving.... And it was just out daily group of friends hanging out....

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