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Sketchy about buying some herb.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Lungripper, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Well im pretty young and iv toked maybe 25 times, and theres a new guy in town that is best friends with my sister and iv toked with him maybe 3 times. i also bought bag from him maybe 5 times. Im not expirienced so i dont know how fake weed looks or something, i ussualy just smell. my sister ussualy check it out for me to see if im getting ripped off. but this time my sister aint here so im afraid ill be ripped off. How can i check? What happens if it is fake, how do i confront him?

    Also, is shwagg anygood?
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  3. make sure you look at the product before handing over the money, and smell the bud.
    i reckon you would know if he was going to sell you fake weed as it doesn't really have a scent, well some do but its VERY artificial and is very flakey and already broken up. just inspect the nugs through the bag and you should be alright.
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    im 18
    Well iv never really looked at it, just smoked a blunt my friend passes.
    K well, iv heard of it alot in my town so i was wondering.
  5. you mean 18 right?
  6. just use your common sense when buying, if it looks like the same stuff you brought before that you were happy with, then buy it. but if it looks a bit sketchy, then just leave it.
  7. Yeah i ment 18, stupid errors >_>
  8. i suggest you fix this error in your last post then man. cause you could get banned for being underage.
  9. Its done ahha.
    Well thanks guys. i guess ill trust my gut. but what happens when i think its fake? just walk out?
  10. Ask if he wants to match, and if you smoke it and don't get high then I guess you'll know.
  11. If you think its fake, say you don't want it. Are you buying regs, mids, beasters, chronic or headies?
  12. well little brother I have been toking for 45 years, just take your time, learn from your mistakes, we have all made them. If you want to stay out of truble dont confront i said just LEARN. it takes time and expirience, dont worry youll get there. let me know how it goes. gota go Blaze
  13. I lol'd.
  14. If you think its fake break out a bowl and pack it up, pass it to him see his reaction.
  15. [​IMG]

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