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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by naku06, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. i just woke up to find this, must of done it last night[​IMG]
  2. Every time I see a good drawing, it reminds me how badly I wish I could draw at all lol, everyone in my family complely sucks.

    Good pic man, looks like some ritualist witchcraft bong lol
  3. haha definately a witchcraft bong. you got some skills.
  4. ha, thats sick dude
  5. another high detailed bong drawn while high.

  6. Awesome drawings, fo sho.
  7. I feel inspiried;
  8. Hahaha nice kief pill bottle. :D
  9. thanks for giving me the rep pink oddity, and thanks to everyone that has given a reply.
    oh yeah... thanks for noticing the kief bottle, smoke only the best i say.

    more posts will come as i draw them, i dont have control over the times they are created. when im high and feel like drawing, blam they come out. i tried to do the same detailed drawings while sober, looks nothing like these ones, much worst.

    ah well...look for more sketches and art from me on this thread....peace
  10. i had a revolation for all the pictures i draw. if you have a picture of your favorite piece and want to see it turn into one of these sketches i draw, just PM me a pic and you'll see it in a few days after submitted. plus its good practice for me, hit two birds at once (practice for me. and there some thing to look forward for the forum)....get back to me on opinions, takers and such....peace.

  11. nice pics. how about you draw me a venus fly trap and some flies sitting by it. both the fly trap and the flies having smoke blown at them and getting stoned. i'd find that pretty funny. :p
  12. Nice job doing the refraction of the downstem. Minor detail that makes it really good.
  13. not too bad man. you show some good promise. keep practicing your shading and perspective observational skills. also try adding more items to your still-lifes to fill up the landscape creating cool overall compositions.

    i too always like seeing what i barely remember scribbling the night before.

  14. DUde that is so awesome
  15. i'd totally buy one of those :)

  16. edit:picture remove, reasons: i hated it.
  17. That first one would tickle your lips.
  18. i agree with palmer, practice practice practice...always IS harder than you think to draw what you see but like he said you show personal opinion wouldnt be to practice too much still wont notice improvement immediately it takes a few years or someone having done it all their life to really take it in..

    for you id say you should focus on some sort of anime/manga or cartooning of any sort..i think you could excel in that genre of art.

    PS: i was impressed that you actually drew the stem how you saw it (or see on other bongs). thats what makes me think youll be awesome eventually

    edit: try drawing the gorillas all next to each other that would be a nice project
  19. Check out that bump! whoa!.....anyways.
    i found an older drawing of mine, thought i'd share:[​IMG]
  20. Thats cool man, good color usage

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