Sketchiest place you have ever smoked?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Sonterp, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. One time I smoked a joint in front of a police station. I think I have picture of it somewhere...
  2. The foot of my bed

  3. Port-a-john at the fontanel mansion concert venue.. lmao. Gotta get high at the zz top show!! Security is too tight. Not worth getting kicked out and shacked up in Nashville jail

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  4. Portapotty at the beach
  5. Once upon a time when I was 14, I went to las Vegas with my friend Chans. It was just me, him and his family. Anyways, his family went there every year to go to a monster truck show. We were in Vegas at this hotel that wasn't on the strip for a few days before the monster truck show. So we go to the monster truck show and I brought some weed and an apple pipe I made. There were people EVERYWHERE. The port-o-potties were pretty full but I managed to find one that wasn't, so I went inside and toked a few bowls. It reaked when I came out, Chans was standing by to tell me when no-one was looking so I could get out, smoke falling out behind me lol. I got pretty ripped since Chans didn't want to smoke his half (it was all my weed) he was paranoid about getting caught lol. There was a security guard probably 30 feet away from the port-o-potty. I remember feeling sad when we got to watch the actual monster trucks and my high went away.

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  6. Military base
    Mcdonalds bathroom
    School bathroom
    Gym at school
    Beach in front of tons of people
  7. Me and my friend went to the mall one time and blazed in the parking lot after we got dropped off and so we were good for a while but then im like we gotta smoke more and he was still good so he ddnt want to walk all the way back out to the parking lot like before just for only me to smoke so i layed down in the bushes right out front and lit up haha we were dumb back then
  8. A mansion under construction. Got caught.In the middle of the avenue with tons of people.
  9. Definitely the high school bathroom across from the principles office. Good ole days.Sent from my N860 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  10. Behind the movie theaters on a saturday. It was really busy, but thankfully no one walked along. We were beside one of the emergency exit doors for one of the theaters, and I could hear there were people/a movie playing inside and I wondered if they could hear us laughing our high asses off

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