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Sketched Out

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mrmuffinman, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. Smoked a blunt outside while my neighbor smoked a cig next door. After i was bout done they called someone on their phone. I assumed they could smell it and called the cops. Im scared yo
  2. Take a page from the Buddhists and relax. First of all even if they did call the cops, what can they do? You don't have rezzed up bongs laying around outside, I assume? They can't go in your house and they can't search you. And second, why didn't you listen to what they said? 
  3. they're coming for you and you will get arrested. i would just not answer the door if cops come knocking.
  4. they will say they smell pot and raid your house in under 5 minutes. QUICKLY FLUSH ALL ILLEGAL DRUGS AND BREAK ALL BONGS!
  5. Haha bro i think youre in the clear you are just being paranoid
  6. As long as he didn't see it was you smoking, you're good.
    Even if he did, he can't prove it.  It's your word against his.
    Prolly wasn't calling the cops though.
  7. You're just tripping man you're good. Police budgets don't cover callouts to investigate potential marijuana smell in residential areas.
  8. you could be smoking a bong out side. cops still wont come if someone calls them. Just dont be a dick head :)

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