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Sketched out right now.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Alecskates12, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. I was at a river smoking with a lot of people. All of a sudden a cop helicopter fly near us. I thought just going some where. Then after that we started to leave and when we were walking through a trail to get to the street the helicopter stopped and stayed still.

    After that we were on the road trying to get out of the neighborhood a cop car comes and pulls us over then as soon as he go out he said never mind you guys are find. After that a couple cops came speeding and pass us.

    The thing i worried about we had a bag and in it was a little weed and like 4 or 5 pipes. We ended up ditching it in the woods and leaving.

    Idk what to do.
  2. You got away, the shit is over.

    What else do you need to do? Nothing, don't fret.
  3. Trust me. As stupid as those pig's are, they have better thing's to do then be flying around in a helicopter catching kids smoking weed.
  4. "This is Birdie, we have confirmed stoners down here in the woods...We're going into hover for no particular reason."
  5. can they tell by like spit or something in the pipes who is was?
  6. You need to worry as much as possible, open a new tab to look for a random location where you can hide, because they're in the process of getting a search warrant for your home, then they will grab you and take you to where you left the bag and make you confess.

  7. "We need to get this marijuana pipe to the CSI's so they can do DNA testing...Then we can bust these stoners, not like our CSI's have murders or shit to solve."
  8. There not going to track yall down and get your dna then run exepensive tests to determine if yall were smoking out of a pipe they found in the woods.
    Stop and think bout it man, lol
  9. Bro they wont go that far for people smoking.. if you saw a helicoper and a couple cop cars. they were going for something eles.. they wont wasit time and money to catch some stoner kids.. Just chill out ur paranoid as fuck right hahaha !
  10. That and your finger prints. All of you guys are fucked.
  11. And hair...Cops love tracking people with hair.
  12. And seman.. Those csi's sure love that stuff
  13. #13 thegodson, Apr 3, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 3, 2011

    Edit: I just repeated exactly what you just said. It would be much funnier if I was baked. I'm not.
  14. They were definitely looking for some murderer or some shit if they took a quick look and told you you were fine

  15. Dude, this made my day, not only the saying sounds real, but Birdie. LOL!
  16. You guys are forgetting about the footprints. They surely will find out what shoes you own.. YOU'RE SCREWED.

    I suggest going to Mexico.
  17. Get the bag by yourself and fuck all your friends over.
  18. They were clearly looking for someone else. You're straight for now. Just try and to minimize the amount of time you drive with weed. And for when you do find a really good hiding spot so you can just let the cop do a once over without having to look suspicious. Or just hold an amount you can eat.
  19. Lol people give alot more credit to pigs then they deserve:
    first off they let you go which should be your number one indicator that your ok

    second if you guys dont have anything on you then they cant get you for anything its perfectly fine to be stoned in public as long as your not going crazy

    third if they are using a police helicopter it means they are looking for someone or some people who did a legit crime helicopters use jet fuel which is expensive as fuck they arnt gonna waste it on a bunch of stoners

    Finally, unless you give them probable cause they can't even pat you down. God bless the fourth amendment.

    So just chillout for a bit, wait a while and go back and get your shit. No need to worry it's all good bro.
  20. Haha, dude, if the cop said you're fine, you didn't have to ditch all your shit like that. Go back and get it. As previously mentioned, the cops aren't using all that time and resource to go stoner hunting along the river.

    And no, they won't DNA test your pipes if they find them (which they won't, since they aren't gonna go digging around in bushes just in case some one tossed their stash).

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