Sketched out; prostitute or undercover or wtf?

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  1. My friend and I went out to the local dispensary to get some bud, he was waiting in the car while I went in, and when I came back out some chick in short blue jean shorts, some sort of vest/jacket thing (it was hot as fuck outside, I didn't get it) and a skanky, tiny, white lacey t-shirt that looked more like lingerie than a shirt (like, cupped to her boobs and stuff) had on sunglasses and a hat, was squatting at my friends car. And my friend is an innocent dude, we weren't raised in the ghetto and he hasn't had that many street experiences. Plus he's a nice dude. So he's just chatting to her like she's a normal broad.

    I'm already sketched out cause I'm carrying my meds and this weird woman is talking to the dude waiting in the car for me. And she has fucking sunglasses on and stuff. So I get in the car and she's like "so, can you give me a ride? it's close" and he's all "sure, get in.." and I'm thinking "fucking no way" but I just went along with it. So the entire way she's rambling and saying we could take her to her one friends house, but he was hard to get ahold of, and then she corrected herself and said she meant he wasnt always home, and then she said there was another friends house, then got all excited and suggested some alternate route home for us and said she really wanted to go to that friends house..

    but we opted to take her to the close friend.. she never stopped talking til we got there.. and then she got out and left. She wasn't really talking fast, just a lot, and repeating herself.. almost sounded more like she was drunk but she wasn't slurry.. and she just seemed nervous, which she might be since there was two dudes taking her somewhere but she asked to come. :rolleyes:

    I just thought it was weird how she just appeared in front of the dispensary. her reason for being there was that she was "waiting for her friend who didnt show up", also.. lol. The only things I really remember her rambling about was that "we were so sweet" about 20+ times, and said "you guys look famous", which we both thought was funny as hell cause we really don't
  2. Uhhhhhhh I think ..... Errrrr hmmmmm .... YaAaaa I dont know
  3. she wanted to let yall smash that
  4. You live in California?

    And that's surprising?? Wow, I don't know California as well as I thought I did.
  5. She was obviously a crack head. Seriously.
  6. i woulda told that nasty bitch to back the fuck off my car, yall def aint from any type of ghetto.
  7. Sounds like she's into more drugs than what you got at the dispensary but I couldn't tell ya because I haven't met her. I would have been sketched to give her a ride, people these days, you just don't know.
  8. yeah im gonna go ahead and say she was a crackhead/stupid drunk bitch
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    That's weird man, I wouldn't have let her in my car or given her a ride she was probably a prostitute trying to support her crackhead habit haha. Idk though I wouldn't have trusted some random stranger like that though, some people are unpredictable.

    edit:If the girl was the one in the above posters picture I probably would not have hesitated to let her in my car haha
  10. This all depends on if she was hot or not.
  11. An undercover cop is all business, she wouldn't have bummed a ride from you than talked the whole way there. She would've asked for payment, took your cash, than busted you on the spot. What you witnessed sir, was a crackhead.
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    I wouldn't say surprising, I just get sketched out by people approaching me outside dispensaries.

    Then my dumb ass friend gave her a ride because he's just a little naive and a nice dude, I would've just told her I was in a hurry (which I was)

    I figured she was a crackhead/into meth just because of how she wanted to be dropped off at three different "friends houses", plus was waiting for a friend. I think she was looking for a hookup.

    Oh, and California is totally different wherever you go. The town I was raised in was mostly million dollar homes up in the foothills, and the next town over is full of gangs and drugs and shit. Where I live now, there's prostitutes about 5-6 blocks from me. Before this, I had maybe seen 10 prostitutes in my whole life (usually when I went to hollywood)
  13. Drugs are bad!

    In all seriousness she probably had some psych problems man. More people than you think have them...
  14. me and a friend got lost in the woods and hitch hiked with the kkk once lol. if she was hot u shoulda tapped that...

  15. I wanna hear this story.
  16. I also want to hear that story.
  17. You and your friend shoulda smashed that man, she wanted it.
  18. allright heres the story. me and my buddy (both 18 at the time), decided to trip on some unmentionables and go on a walk thru the woods. bad idea. we ended up tripping balls and wandered around for 4+ hours. we finnaly found this house on a back road and knocked on the door. when the door opened the first thing i noticed was the kkk outfit hanging on the wall
  19. i have blonde hair and blue eyes so they diddnt try to hang me or somethin lol we explained the situation and they kindly drove us 15 miles back to our car while blasting extremely racist bluegrass shit. shit was sketchy but it beat walking all the way back lol they tried to recruit us too xD
  20. haha she was prob high as fuck =)
    i bet if you went back like 30min later she woulda been tere doing same thing to some other guys haha

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