Skeptics Remain Skeptic: White House Refuses To Release Evidence

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  1. White House holds off on releasing Osama bin Laden death photos -

    Are we living in a Democracy or no? I believe a majority of Americans would like to see evidence of their outlandish claims.

    1. The only sensitivity I see here is the backlash of doctored photos, such as the backlash regarding Obamas supposedly doctored birth certificate (their is substantial evidence that the certificate was altered in many ways in photoshop).

    2. We don't need a White House spokesman to tell us this; believing such a person is the equivalent of asking a roman catholic priest if he has ever had sex with little boys.

    3. Could be inflammatory? Stop dodging our questions and concerns. The terrorists had no problem posting up vids of them brutally slaughtering American soldiers. How fucking dare you you piece of shit.

    Hmm. Sounds right. I agree that his body being thrown in the sea was a shady act. Though I don't believe that accepting their traditional values is politically correct, seeing as these are the same people who hold NO value towards OUR traditional values.

    Perfect example of one of the many "Puppets" Washington controls, giving us the illusion of having 2 sides of the issue.

    They even mention the birth certificate! Wait a second... Wheres the other side to the issue? Not even a morsel reference to the vast amount of claims and evidence that the certificate was altered in photoshop can be found in this article. Maybe the LA Times is a puppet service also.

    I'm sure the Muslim people have seen far worse. Images of the poor Middle Eastern people, crouching over the corpse of a dead loved one taint my, as well as many others memories.
    Also, I don't see why or how this could invoke anger in the Muslim world... This organization gives the Muslim people a bad name as well as taints any and all peaceful political processes that could possibly go on... Lies, all lies.

    I refuse to believe anything until a commiseration is set up with civilian peers and evidence is not destroyed in the name of national security. Too many times am I tired of the lies. I just hope this isn't an excuse to further implement more strategic efforts in the middle east in the name of American Imperialism.

  2. [​IMG]

    Are you a birther?
  3. Oh please...there's nothing wrong with skepticism, but now it's just looney toons. WHAT DOES OBAMA GAIN BY FAKING BIN LADEN'S DEATH NOW? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

    The economy isn't changing on this news. His popularity sure hasn't improved (CNN polls suggest a SLIGHT 1% bump in popularity), and other than making the nation happy, what does he gain?

    HEALTHY skepticism is fine. This, this isn't healthy, it's obsessive and unintelligent.

  4. I am not a birther. I could care less about the "distraction" currently under fire as people are ruthlessly slaughtered abroad.
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    IF we end our ridiculous "war on terror" and bring all of our troops home, I will give Obama credit. BUT, what are the odds the exact opposite will happen?

    Remember, Obama played to the anti-war left during the campaign but once he got into office he expanded many Bush-era policies despised by the left. We are still in Iraq, have ~50,000 troops - talks of setting up many permanent bases and we just had our deadliest month for US deaths since 2009. We are bombing the shit out of Libya for reasons unknown, killing whoever we want, claiming we are simply maintaining a "no fly zone". Obama expanded troops in Afghanistan by 30,000 bringing the total to more than 100,000. He has been operating deadly, unconstitutional, "acts-of-war" drone attacks within Pakistan killing more civilians than bad guys. Obama holds the record for the largest military budget of any president in history.

    Do you really think there isn't some ulterior motive to everything he does?

    What about the fact that Bush's Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is Obama's Defense Secretary? Robert Gates has been involved in the CIA/NSA and Defense Department since 1986. Gates is leaving his post here in the next couple months and was quoted as saying that you won't see boots on the ground in Libya as long as he is in office. What about after he leaves?

    Who is taking over as Secretary of Defense? Leon Panetta who is the current Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Former California Congressman and Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton in the mid 1990's.

    An odd shuffle? CIA Director Panetta to the role of Secretary of Defense and General David Patreus will become the new Director of CIA.

    General David Petraeus to CIA and Leon Panetta to Pentagon in Major National Security Reshuffling - ABC News

    Does this seem like we are going to wind down our overseas military intervention or perhaps ramp it up with all the "new threats" that will inevitably come now that bin Laden is "dead".

    You are already seeing the headlines and hearing about how we must remain "vigilant". Why is there always a constant threat? Why can't we just live in peace? And spare me that we are acting in self-defense. The United States is the biggest aggressor the world has seen in our lifetimes.

    In Washington, U.S. homeland security officials were at a "heightened state of vigilance" for possible retaliatory attacks, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said.

    Add Big Sis to the list, go figure. LOL

    Joy, then wariness, in post-bin Laden America

    "The broad masses of a population are more amenable to the appeal of rhetoric than to any other force." - AH​
  6. Breaking news!
    Skeptics remain skeptic.
  7. Release them.

    I really don't see what they have to lose unless they're hiding something.

    It's not like you type "osama dead photos" into Google by accident.
  8. People are parading in the streets in D.C. singing the National Anthem. I was watching the daily show and he was talking about this being the death of Al Qaeda. The average man thinks this is a huge victory when in reality it is not much. Obama is taking a lot of credit for this and people are now changing their views about his foreign policy. This is a huge gain for him in my opinion.
  9. They would be all over the news and right there in your face being beamed at you through your tv.
    I would disapprove of the media displaying his dead photos as a trophy of their victory. It sends a bad message to the rest of the world, you kill your enemy and you then proudly display his dead photos on tv and news tabloids with phrases like 'ROT IN HELL' written next to them on the front page.

    Imagine this with a picture of his disfigured and maimed head:

    That wouldn't make you look very good.
  10. it's cool to be skeptical and all.. and good for y'all for questioning everything that you hear from the govt..

    but, let's say they show a picture, or video or whatever..

    tomorrow everyone will be crying that the pic or vid is fake..
    i understand why.. i mean it's the gov't who cried wolf.. they lie a lot and who knows when to believe them.
    i just think the skeptics in this case will never be satisfied.
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    they don't have to put it on the front page of the post..

    they could do a thing on the news and say "parental guidance/graphic" or whatever, like they have done in the past with graphic things. Or put it online and give folks a choice on whether or not to look at it.
    I for one would like to see it.. not because i don't believe them.. but because i'm creepy and curious i guess :p

    if we're going to be a wartime country, our citizens should be able to see what the consequences of that are.. i wish they'd show war casualties on the news, instead of treating us like baby sheep.
  12. I think it's a bit wrong if you don't release photos taken of American soldiers, and then shortly after you kill him release photos of Osama's maimed face.
  13. i think we should release photos of everything that goes down in these wars (that's not classified)..

    if people actually saw the pics, they might think twice about voting these neo-cons into office.
  14. If not soon, right b4 the elections, no worries.
  15. If that would cause America to stop fighting so many wars, then that's what has to be done. Just don't show them to the public as a message of victory.
    Don't only show the real bad guys that died. Show the pictures of ordinary casualties like Arab civilians and American troops, before you display your "big catch".

  16. There are people that get paid over 6 figures to doctor photos. Is this not treason?

  17. I personally think they gained more by keeping his death secret. If he was dead long ago ... they could have kept it under wraps and had reason to continue their war.

    What does he stand the gain? I don't know about you, but lately i have seen a huge trend in people being dissatisfied with the war on terror and how much we are spending/sacrificing in the middle east. Pretending that we JUST NOW got him gives people the idea that the war on terror has somehow paid off.

    Have you not watched/read the news? Have you not looked at face book? People everywhere are satisfied that the war paid off because we killed this one man.
  18. [ame=]YouTube - Expert: Knowing for Sure Bin Laden Is Dead[/ame]

  19. Thats exactly what they wanted. Now everyone will think that our "War on Terror" is working, so why not continue?

    Now that Osama's dead, there could be a retaliation attack. Wtf do they want us to believe? There supposedly could've been an attack THIS ENTIRE TIME, isn't that why we were overseas in the first place??
  20. i don't know if that would be considered treason.. but good luck getting someone to prove anything was doctored.

    if the MSM or govt don't come out and say something was doctored, then it wasn't..

    that's just the way shit works..

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