Skecky or not?

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    Yes i am the idiot here. No cops don't do shit like that all the time, and no I am not unaware. NOBODY is going to fucking snitch over being caught with a small amount of weed, dip shit. Even if they did, one persons word is not enough to bust this dudes door open, or watch him.

    Not one damn person, is going to snitch, and then "flip" there dude like you see on t.v on the DEA show idiot. That is for heavy weight of crack and cocaine. Go watch tv more idiot.

    They get paid either way too numb nuts, that's just a waste of their time.
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    Have fun then but you do realize there is so many laws that you can be arrested for saying you have drugs without actually having them. Look up conspiracy charges and I forgot the names of the others one. If they want to arrest you they will. Police don't have jurisdiction anymore. The NYC police department was following people as far as Albany and even other places.

    You know those innocent texts you send to score a bag? Well if you piss off the wrong person those can be used to put you in jail.

    I'm just saying be careful because this shit does happen and way more often then you think.
  3. I don't send any texts. I make one phone call, that lasts 15 seconds. "Hey bro can I stop by? "yea man" end. And yes they do have jurisdiction what are you talking about? Maybe were you live, but here, a cop can follow me until the county border, and as soon as I cross that into another county he cannot do anything to me. Unless he is a state trooper of course, that's why they are called "State police" and not "towns name" police.

  4. All I'm saying is be careful and if you believe that's true I feel bad for you. Cops can get away with anything they want these days.
  5. I swear to god I read this very same story like 6 months ago oh here.
  6. [quote name='"Mr.Burnsalot"']

    You are an idiot. Cops do shit like that all the time. Really shows how unaware you are. It's all about money to them if they can keep flipping people on fake buys and arresting them they continue to get paid.[/quote]

    Yeah I gotta agree with guy here.. cops will bust small time people because they have nothing better to do.. cops think they are bad ass and above everyone else and they use they're power.. most cops don't try to take down all the bad guys in the city.. they take down people they just wanna fuck with for no reason because they are bored sitting in they're cars clocking people for 5 over and giving them a ticket.

    Cops are dicks man.. idk how people could think any different with all the bullshit laws they use to take ur rights just so they can ruin ur life and throw u in jail for a year for having a joint.. these things happen.

  7. Most police only have basic training as well. If you were a cop and your life would be put in danger would you rather bust small time people pretty effortlessly or risk your life day in and day out running up on crack dens to bust the big timers.
  8. Yeah a while back I was taking a car ride with 5 of my family members (most children) when a cop who wasn't even looking pulled out of a street and almost rammed us. Fucking cops think they own the place and are above the law.
  9. as someone who is going to be a cop, though not an undercover officer, I would never just walk up to random people in wal mart and offer to sell them weed. this guy could be just a regular guy trying to make money. he probably saw you looking high and figured that was his chance to try and get a new customer or 2. just keep his number in your phone, and maybe ask to hang out before you would actually consider buying something.
  10. If you are an honest and respectful cop when you become one then more power to you. The very large majority of cops are power hungry dicks.
  11. that's not nearly as many cops as people would have you believe. most cops are fine. some of them are indeed retards, but those are the only ones you hear about on the news because it's more controversial to hear about an evil white cop shooting some black kid than a good cop who saves people.

  12. Is this not true or something?
  13. Some dude did the same thing to me the other day. Turned out to be a legit contact. But soliciting people in wal mart is pretty much how one of my buddys got busted dealing, so I wouldnt buy from someone like that.
  14. 1. Entrapment.
    2. "Yes I'll buy some weed" "okay come into this alley with me" *group of 10 guys come out and take your money*
  15. Entrapment is a thing of the past. If you agree to buy weed from the cop and have the money ready. They can still arrest you and they will get away with it.
  16. Skecky? What the fuck is wrong with you
  17. it's called a typo...:rolleyes:
  18. [quote name='"old cat lady"']

    it's called a typo...:rolleyes:[/quote]

    noooo way... wow, and the whole time i have been searching dictionaries of all languages and the answer was right in front of me...

    thanks for pointing that one out
  19. glad to see you don't see anything wrong with "fuckbeergetweed" and his retarded, disrespectful comments.

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