Skecky or not?

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  1. Me and my friend just got done blazing and went to wal mart, we were baked! As we were walking around this dude (looked about 20-22ish really built) started to walk next to us and asked if we smoked bud. We said yes and then he was saying if we need any he had some on him or to hit him up.
    We thought it was a lil shady so we just took his number, he called him self B and then said hit him up and walked off. Idk I thought it was shady but I was also very baked at the time think he'd be possible hook up or something else?
  2. what's a skecky?
  3. he might have that dankk.. hit em up :smoking:
  4. did you mean sketchy?
  5. [quote name='"Dank Buddz420"']he might have that dankk.. hit em up :smoking:[/quote]

    don't do this unless you wanna get robbed
  6. [quote name='"Tyro01"']did you mean sketchy?[/quote]

    Yes I do that was my bad lol
  7. fuckin hate the word Sketchy

    hit him up dude maybe an new connect on the dank ass dank pimp daddy
  8. [quote name='"Tyro01"']did you mean sketchy?[/quote]

    Yes that was my bad lol, not the best at spelling.
  9. I would hit him up. I always carry some cash on me incase i run into a situation like you were in.
  10. Ask him for a when he arrests you it makes you look really cheap and show how they have so much time on there hands so they waste time catching people smoking/seling/buying weed....

  11. Im pretty sure thats entrapment when they offer to sell before you ask to buy...

  12. Fuck that man.. Stay away from the dude.. You gotta think about it this way. The guy came up to u out of the blue and offered u weed.. who says this isn't the first time? I know if I sold I wouldn't be going up to RANDOM people.. sounds like the dude will get caught eventually.

    Dealers that make u feel sketchy and don't try to keep it on the down low are usually the worst.
  13. Yeah this dude is legit. If he is the one that asked you than its entraptment if he ends up being a cop.
  14. Very Skecky.
  15. If he acts or looks like a cop/fed then he probably is. My group of friends went through that already when a few people were moving heavy loads of unmentionables. One of our friends won't be back for a few years =/.

    Good luck getting a case dropped because of entrapment depending on where you live. Everyone thinks it will work if they get in trouble. Most of the time it just pisses them off a little but more.

  16. I mean I just took a semester class on law like 3 years ago so I'm no lawyer but I feel if a cop comes up to you while minding your own business and offers to sell you weed, that's entrapment.

    Basically, it's not a cop. Just a dude tryna get his hustle on. Fuck it dude. Hit him up, he might be the best dealer you ever know. But like that dude said, don't buy large on the first time.
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    After all the shit that has gone down my way recently I won't deal with anyone random. Only people who I already know or if one of my good friends backs them.
  18. Thanks guys I'm not using that dude, just something about him. I have some pretty solid connects right now so he's no loss anyway.
  19. First of all, everybody saying he is a cop is dead fucking wrong. First of all its entrapment, and second of all, why the fuck would cops sell small weed bags to people, to bust them!?!?!? They want the suppliers...
    "heheaha hey lets bust these 2 kids for a 1/8th of pot, get em a small fine and maybe a day or two in jail haha that will stop weed for sure hahahehe"

    He could be trying to get his grind on, finding a customer base, and seen you two walking together, smelled like weed or looked high, or just looked like tokers and he was obviously right.. see what i'm getting at here?

    Robbery could be very possible, but that's your decision if you want to get robbed or not. Like every other person on this forum who meets a random dude or a friend of a friends dude, brings 500$ and then fronts it to a guy he just met.. Yeah..

    Hit him up and say you want a dub only if he has it that you don't wanna front your money and shit.

  20. You are an idiot. Cops do shit like that all the time. Really shows how unaware you are. It's all about money to them if they can keep flipping people on fake buys and arresting them they continue to get paid.

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