Skeavy? Absolute Genius? You Decide

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  1. So a good friend of mine has his medical card. He always gets top shelf bud because he has a pretty great corporate job. He has this awesome Medicali bong that we smoke out of all the time, gets us crazy stoned (icecatcher, 2 feet tall) but for some reason it collects CRAZY amounts of resin. So, after were done blazing an eighth or a quarter in it, he will scrape the bowl and bong with some specialized tool (don't know the name of it, like a pipecleaner but bronze and resin sticks to it) then scrapes it all together. It's like, .8g of resin from just a quarter of weed, and has a very strong resemblance to prime hashish. So he goes out and sells the .8g as hashish for 30$. So eighths really cost him 20$, instead of 50$.

    Skeavy? Genius? I think a little bit of both, but I have a big tolerance and the resin gets me somewhat stoned. I wouldn't do it, but what do you all think?
  2. Skeavy. Never heard the term before but it seems to describe what he does accurately.
  3. I wouldn't call what he is selling as hashish. Hashish hasn't seen a flame. He's selling bong resin.
  4. why's this guy ripping people off if he's got some kick ass job thats lame
  5. Pretty great corporate job, constantly buying medical grade marijuana, and yet still rips people off with that disgusting shit? The people who buy it are stupid if they can't tell the difference, but your friend is scum for doing it in the first place
  6. That's what I said. But from the end of the beginner, he says it gets them so high they keep calling for it over bud.

    I still say skeavy.
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    One thing that you should know...


    Delicious :)

    Bong Resin = disgusting. [​IMG]
    Your friend is a douche who rips off idiots. So i wont neg rep you for this but if your friend had an account i would neg rep him.

    edit. Oh i though you were saying that the bong resin actually resembled hashish which is rediculous. But seriously ripping people off who don't know any better is sad. How would you feel if you just started smoking and got sold .8 of resin for 30$
  8. haha if someone is not smart enough to tell the difference between resin and hashish its not the guys fault if they buy it. It is kind of skeavy but a good idea
  9. i say lol.

    fucked up, but lol.
  10. thats some really dumb shit, and if people are buying it, thats some super ultra mega dumb fucking what the fuck shit.
  11. That's real dirty. But if someone is buying it, especially if they are calling back for more, they are clearly inexperienced tokers. If they had tried hash and knew what resin was, there is no way this would happen.
  12. If people are buying it, then it must be some good shit. Do the people think its legit Hash? If so, then yes thats skeavy and crooked. But if they are buying it knowing its resin, they have to be getting real blazed off of it to buy it. So in that case, hes a genius.
  13. I've really only had Lebanese blond hash back in the 80's and it tastes nothing like bong resin. It smokes milky yellow thick and has the delicious hash taste.
  14. Even if they knew it was resin, why not buy their own dank and create their own resin to smoke?:smoking:
  15. Same reason people buy marijuana. Because they cannot make their own. And do not want to go through the process, troubles, or whatever the reason. And that resin must fuck them up. Thats why they buy it. They probally cannot get high grade medical weed either.

  16. /thread.
  17. Yep, gotta say *********^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^*************
  18. I was thinking its a bit smart at first, but then i smartened up. its a dick move.
    yeah a bit of both

    In my city you can get an eight for that $30. (and im the guy calling him a dick lol)
  19. People have been manipulating the stupidity of people to benefit themselves for ages.

    If someone is seriously fuckin' stupid enough to buy .8 of resin for $30 then they deserve to get ripped off

    .2 cents
  20. He's not a genius, but he is smart. I assume that's how he got the "corporate job" in the first place.

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