skaters/artists/creative people out there!

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  1. just got a new skateboard deck today which means a new canvas of griptape in which to decorate. ideas as to what i should put on?
  2. gonna go with the obv... leaf.
  3. Put something totally metal on there! Adourn it with Vikings, naked women, skulls, pentagrams, and fire! :metal:
  4. "wasted youth" with an inverted cross replacing the t in youth...
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    Yep. Pot leaf ftw! :D
  6. Pot leaves are just tacky. Unless that's the kind of "creativity" youre looking for. :shrug:

    I'm just super sayin.
  7. "See you on the flipside"

    When you do flip tricks you'll have a better chance at landing them if you have this phrase printed on your griptape. Trust me.

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    Why are they tacky?
  9. Well, for one, it's not original. Tattoos, graphic designs (on decks, stickers, etc) all have been done, and only three words come to mind when I see it - tacky as fuck.

    And two, it's a silly attempt at, "oh hayy look at me I smoke. I'm fucking COOL." Hence, tacky as fuck.


    I feel the same way about crosses - unless it's inverted. But you know, that's just my take on it. ;)
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    Okay, I get ya :D
  11. what do u think about an inverted cross on an inverted cross?

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    you should write "skate and bake" haha

    what kind of deck you riding?
    Oh, and you should post a picture of what you decide to make on it.:smoke:
  13. .. what's with all the inverted crosses.
  14. ..super lame.
  15. haha some pretty good ideas being thrown around! btw the deck is just a noname- blank maple-lookin kinda thing (25$ for a deck cant be beat).
    I sat down earlier trying to hash out some ideas to draw on it only to realize that I am infact arts and crafts retarded :(
    So i just wrote a cliche love/hate kinda setup to demonstrate my relationship with the sport (yall skaters out there know what i mean)
    Im gonna let it dry overnight then ill throw a pic or two up
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  17. Put like rasta colors on it. Spraypaint, duck tape, other griptape, not the whole thing though, like a stripe of each color, right next to each other, over like the hardware, kinda diagonally.

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