Skater vs thug with gun.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by wakenbake4200, Sep 15, 2009.

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  1. This may not have happened to me but i have found myself in a situation like this many times (except the guy didn't have a gun.) Since i live right on the edge of hood and a nice tourist city full of religious white people, i find that a lot of thugs start shit for no reason, just because they think there "hard". this shit pisses me off!

    An Unlikely Hero

    watch the video on that page. What would you guys do in a situation like this?
  2. repost, but yeah I'm glad that dumbass got beat down.
  3. Whoever the fuck was yelling in the back "its stupid just get off him man" is a fucking idiot. He pulled a gun on him. I don't give a fuck id be kicking his ass until the fucking cops get there.

    That skater has guts to fight some guy holding a gun to his face.

    Glad that fagot got his ass kicked.
  4. if someone holds a gun up to you then takes it away you should kill them right then and there. There should be bo moral delima because he could have killed you with a pull of his finger, and you wont get in any legal trouble because you are in fear for your life and he had a deadly weapon pointed at you or someone near you.

    If someone is willing to pull a gun on someone for a stupid reason they deserve to die.
  5. Just because you could legally get away with it, doesn't mean you have the right to take someone else's life, no matter the circumstance.
  6. agreed.

    nobody ever deserves to die, no matter the circumstances IMO.
  7. I love videos like that. That kid's got some balls beating a guys ass who's got a gun though!
  8. I FUCKING hate wannabe Thugs n gangsters I've Dealt With Them My Whole
    Life (not trying to sound bad or anything) But Man When I was watching this
    Fight my adrenaline kicked in hard,Awesome he got his ass whipped:bongin:
  9. they killed everyone else on the planet but u? they killed ur whole family, tortured u killing them infront of u, execution style, then stabbed u repeatedly, left u for dead, but u somehow survived....?
  10. Well, if they was a woman I'd have to repopulate the entire planet, what with the lost population.

    but look at the first link, the guy in the picture to the right of the video has an 80s porn stache.

    Seriously, the second video was awesome, and yeah, the kid in the first video had major balls.
  11. This. I never understood how people say if some one put a gun to them, that if they got the chance, THEY would kill the person with the gun. How is that any better?:smoke::hello:
  12. Fuck stupid gangsta losers. They put on a dumb ass act. Im so glad that guy got jumped and the hell kicked out of him. He deserved it.
  13. He was talking to the guy getting his ass kicked. He wouldn't let go of the guy who was kicking his ass.
  14. qft.

    I see both sides of the discussion, but I agree with this.
  15. Whats up with the skater boys friends just standing around? As soon as my friend would have brought that guy to the ground all my friends would have swarmed him and beat his ass until blood was pouring out of his face and he wasn't able to get up.

    Just don't understand why his friends didn't help him. Ya one guy hit him with his skateboard a few times and puched him in the head but it shoulda been all 5+ of them on him beating the living shit out of him.

  16. yeah you're right. All of them looked pretty young though. I don't know man, some people just never imagine that they could end up in a situation like that, and even a lot of those who do know they could still don't think about how THEY would react in that situation. But yes, I've drilled it into my head over they years that whenever your assailant is down, don't try and fucking just beat his skull in with your fist, that's how you break your hands. Grab that metal and wood skateboard and take one well aimed shot to the temple, or one solid kick to the mouth.
  17. ^^ i'm sayin
  18. Well, I woulda done the same or worse.

    First off its obvious the 'thug' is a bitch just by how he went about shit. Walked up to dude, Pulled up a toy, And holds the shit inches from the side of his dome. If your gonna shoot that gun your a fucking idiot. You dont hold a gun next to your dome and shoot, Thats fucking stupid.

    Dude was obviouslly a bitch, I cant go into details on what id do because itd be against the rules, But he'd be in alot worse situation if that was me.
  19. You can see at the point where the fight started, the skaters friends did run to go help out, they took down the thugs friend. And they helped out the guy who had the gun pulled on him until he had a clear advantage.

    and if someone had a gun pulled on them, i wouldnt be too quick to jump in immediatly since the guy with the gun is unpredictable and can shoot anyone at any time.
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