Skatepark biking, hell yeah!

Discussion in 'General' started by TooSicKs, Apr 1, 2003.

  1. Tonight i went out to the skatepark and brought my trials bike. It was rad, i landed some cool shit, and busted my ass, literally, damn my ass hurts like fuck right now but i'z all good cause i landed a tiretap to nose manual on the pyramid and almost got pedal grinds down. I got inverse 180 hops down pretty good and can stick it to rear wheel consistently.

    Tonight was the first night i really got to ride hard in a few weeks, since i busted my ass off a big dropoff 2 weeks ago and got bruised ribs, lung, and a bunch of pulled muscles and a sprined or somehow fucked up hip. It felt good to just bust loose with big air over the pyramid and toss 180 airs on the 8 foot quarterpipe.

    Next time i think i'm gonna try dropoffs into the 8 footer from the platform next to it, it looks like i can get a good position to jus huck off that fucker with a big rear wheel move and nail the tranny.

  2. you can't bust that!!!
    you ain't gotta lie to kick it at the city homie! :p
  3. BMX or die?! ya'll need to skate......SKATE OR DIE BRO!
  4. did you get harassed by the skaters at all?
  5. skaters respect my shit cause if i'm not biking the park i'm skatin' it. Nobody trips about shit here.

    Today i went and rode some natural terrain, it was windy as shit and i kept getting blown off rocks n shit from bug gusts. I'll post a video in a little while of me busting my ass off a rock.

  6. Yeah I just came back from the park I went too.I almost landed an Icepick,its so damn hard to keep your balance though.3 weeks ago I broke 2 of my ribs trying to jump about 9 stairs, still hurts like a bitch.So Im trying not too ride too hard.
  7. i dont do park riding but I like to bmx around West End in Nashville. There are some great jumps out there.
  8. Did any of you see the new Jib video?
    That shit is of the hook, you should check it out at pinkbike
    Right click and choose "Save As", it won't stream so u gotta save it

    This is some pretty raw riding and i wanna set up a freeride hardtail after seeing this.

  9. Here's a pic of me "almost" sticking a move off a rock. I did stick this move but not while i was on tape.

    The wind was blowing me off balance and you can hear the wind screaming in the vid.

    quicktime, approx 900mb, if anyone has software to convert this to .mpeg and can convert it for me i'd appreciate it, send it to, thanks


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