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  1. anyone here enjoy skateboarding? my town is pretty hilly, lots of nice hills around here so longboarding's where its at. we all go around in crews finding big hills to skate down. longboarding's real chill when you're stoned...everything feels so smooth and it all melts together. there's no other way to describe it. the speed is a lot more intense high, too.

    i've just been getting into all this new school stuff. i have an old 80s style pool deck i like to ollie and kickflip and do some slides on. i'm looking to put together a new short board for the summer to work on technical tricks and whatnot.

    what kinds of setups do you all have? what's the best shit you've landed? speak your mind.
  2. i thought this summer was going to be another waste...but now i got all these hobbies to spend time on during the summer. photography, skating....photographing skaters...smoking.... i'm looking forward to it.
  3. that sounds cool, have fun...

    i dont longboard very much. the only time i have was down a hill with speed bumps on it and they made me wipe out going 30-40mph or so. I broke my front tooth and tore up my pinky...

    i ride a 7.83"x30" shorty's deck. Pretty small, but it flips like crazy and the pop is awesome. Well, that was before i broke it, hah..really sucks, im finally getting a pay check next week and im gonna get some bud and a new deck.

    Im not gonna be posting online as much anymore, gonna be workin on roofing and going camping in penn. for a week for some atv'ing and 4x4 in the woods with fuckin tons of beer, weed, guns, trucks, and always some cute girls... its gonna be the best month ever.... peace
  4. I used to be into skateboarding when I was like 12-15. I was terrible at it.

    I still carry in intrest in it though. I'd much rather watch people do it. It used to be that I would watch and photograph them do it, but then one night I got drunk and dropped my digicam (Canon A80, I fucking loved that camera) so now I just watch them and take pictures in my mind.

    I'm more into hackey sack now. It takes some getting used to, but it's well worth it once you get the precision and control thing down.
  5. used to skate ...then i found pot...
  6. I spent a large part of my life skateboarding. I'm not really into it anymore, but I still got love for it.

    My most recent deck was an Aesthetics. 7.5" wide.

    I was never that great. I used to be able to do kickflip b/s tailslides somewhat consistantly, and that was probably my best trick.

    I have a ton of skate footage lying around, I wish I still had it all on the computer.
  7. ^ i was hoping you'd reply. i knew i'd read posts you made about skating. i mostly longboard and like i said, i've just been recently getting into shortboarding. my old school deck is real fat and heavy which makes it harder to learn some flip tricks on. i put these 60mm longboard wheels on it so it rides real smooth. i can ollie it, do fingerflips, bonelesses, lots of generic ol d school shit...and i've been working on my kickflips.

    i really don't like these young kids going around who just ollie little gaps and kickflip off curbs and stuff. i respect them because i know how tough some shit can be (my friend masters 360 flips), but when i do a handflip and some slides, i get looked at funny.
  8. ^^^

    Word, I see where you're coming from. When I used to skate, I'd skate down in the city usually, and alot of times it was with kids alot older than me, who grew up skating in a different era. Over time, they adapted to the newer styles, but they still maintained their old school mindset, if you want to say that. I thought it was awesome the way they combined two different styles.

    I was more of the new type of skater that you referred to. I liked skating ledges mostly, doing grinds and slides and what not. And I know what you mean about lots of those young kids. Young kids in general (I know, I'm still young) seem to have no respect for anything and tend to be ignorant to their surroundings, so I could see how they'd look the other way when you're doing your thing on a skateboard. Trust me on this, I got respect for where skateboarding came from, and still got respect for where its going, assuming there is still a dedicated group of skaters with an open mind.
  9. i used to skate all the time thats all i used to do. The last board i had was a sixteen quickflip mini, that thing would flip like no other. i loved that deck until it broke and then i started smoking bud and really havent gotten back into it. i still have love for it tho. ill occasionally get on my sisters boyfriends board and skate around.
  10. I used to skate, I guess I can officially say I don't anymore though. It's sad really, but skating totally fucked up my ankle(or was it me who fucked it up, by skating??). Oh well, it was very fun while it lasted, and I can still do most of the tricks I used to be able to do, it's just that I don't have anyone to skate with. I'll always randomly jump on my skateboard, probably til in 30 or so. I can still watch a skatevideo and be more than entertained though, oh how I would love to be pro.

    edit: say what tricks can/could you guys do real well?

    My best were/are double kickflips and casper flips I guess.
  11. I skate a lot.
  12. THC, you ever skate at East Coast Terminal? That place is sick.
  13. Quit skating 10 yrs ago but picked it up again 2 yrs ago. Not quite as hard as when I was young (30 in Aug...) but I love doing some old school stuff.
  14. i skate a lot too. im proud to say i started before this tony-hawk-commercialization quasi revolution came along. and who says you can't skate and smoke pot? its a good combination.
  15. I used to skate about 6 months ago, then i fucked up my ankle so bad it hurts just to land a simple my days are boring, cept when im high of chorse.
  16. i used to skateboard when i was 12 +13....i skated hard too i went thru like 4 or 5 decks.....i wasnt bad but i started to grow away from it i guess.......
  17. my last board as we speak is aacross the rooom broken on my wall ehh it was a shortys i think >.< cant rember

    i still luv skating but i cant do it ne more bcuz of my kneecap ..
  18. i skate(d) a lot, proudly, before all these little clowns started invading....10 and 12 year olds doin back lips on 9-stair rails....its like "what the hell"

    i was pretty good....enough to ride for utility board shop....

    i dont know, it just got old after a while...i grew out of it i sure i could still hard flip..

    **edit: i used to ride 31"x7.75" UBS team blanks, venture lo's, ricta wheels, ninja bearings, black magic grip.
  19. longboarding high rules.

    Me and a coupel bros used to get loaded all the time and go roam around isla vista and ucsb all stoned out :D
  20. i got a skateboard a couple of months back but there is nowhere to go in Orkney and it has been raining like a fiend or i have been working, so not much time spent on it really...

    i got a karma deck, transit trucks, shitty whells with black widow bearings, pretty sweet set up i believe

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