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Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by JBright, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. I was wondering if there is a site that has everything i would need to know about skate boarding

    since i moved to oregon dont know anyone and when i was walking around saw people skating at the park and it looked fun as hell!]

    any recommendations on a skateboard for a heavy 5 9 ish 220lb guy
  2. start off learning an ollie, it's the foundation to every skateboard trick. there's tons of youtube videos on how to do an ollie.
  3. Lol, first he has to learn how to skate first.

    Also that reminds me I need to call the department of redundancy department.
  4. shave your body completely and become more areodynamic :laughing:

    ..on a more serious note though sorry I can't help more I don't advice I would give you is google and research
  5. Okay, well here's an obvious one...wear a helmet. I have hit my head on the ground longboarding (while I was wearing my helmet). That bruise and headache would have sucked, and it wasn't even a hard hit.

    You're gonna fall.
  6. just do it everyday and you'll get good. takes a lot of time and patience but if you love
    it you'll get the hang of it.
    definitely check out The Berrics - T-Shirts
    especially the trickipedia page.
    good luck and have fun man
  7. Head down to your local skateboard shop & just pick up a standard, $20-$30 dollar shop deck. This means don't get some big fancy label deck that cost 60$ like Baker or Flip, just buy the stores standard deck, it'll work just fine.

    Now you'll need some trucks, I prefer independent brand trucks, as they have always been very durable & are quite light, but then again I way 120lbs, so you might want to look into Thunder brand trucks as well, they are a bit heavier.

    Now for the wheels. I've ridden spitfire & bones. I find that bones last a bit longer & keep their shape almost indefinitely.

    As for bearings, get Reds. Just my advice. Have always used them as have all my fellow friends.

    I think that the condition of your board is one of the most important aspects of being a good skater. Just like a car, your board has to ride well. Sometimes it may be too loose or too stale, & in that case you adjust it accordingly to your liking, so be sure to grab a few tips from the guys at your local skate shop on how to build, maintain & readjust your board. :wave:
  8. dont give up. the founding principle for getting good at anything. :D

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