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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by grass roots, Nov 11, 2003.

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  1. I made a nice hole in my leg yesterday while skating. I tried to kick flip off this 4 stair and my board didn\'t spin completely so it landed in its side and my ankle landed right on the corner of it with all my weight pushing down onto it. Hurt reall bad... It looked a lot worse in real life, but my webcam isnt really high quality...
  2. I also sprained my ankle in the process. I went to the doctor to get some stiches for my leg, but they said they couldnt put any in because it was right on the bone in my leg and it wouldnt really help. But since this is like the 4th time i rolled by foot over, the tendons are like weak as crap now and i have to always wear ankle support for anything physical or else it\'ll just roll over again really easy.. sucks...

    heres another angle of my shin :)
  3. yeOUCH!!!
    looks like ya need a few stitches
    i bet your going to have a gnarly scar :D
  4. heres a little movie i made to explain the crash a little better, haha... the board only flipped on the side and i landed that way on it...

    Yeah, it\'ll go nice with my billion other scars that i have all over.. uhg!
  5. lol.......nice job
    you at least washed it real good with soap an stuff right?
    an got it all cleaned really good?????
  6. yeah, i wasnt at first.. Then i showed it to my girl and she was like, OMG, WE NEED TO CLEAN THAT RIGHT NOW, OMG WE\"RE GOING TO THE HOSPITAL, ILL GET THE KEYS!!!

    haha.. what would i do without her... hmm, probably get gangreen and have to get my leg amputated, haha.. But yes, its nice and clean...
  7. grass you have a very smart girlfriend :D
  8. O shit you landed primo and rolled your ankle. AHHHHHHH!!!!! I\'ve fucking done that before and it sucks major ass. That cut looks just as bad as the ankle must feel.

    One time I rolled my ankle doing a FLAT LAND 360 flip. On flat fucking ground I sprained my ankle for like two weeks! Also, I have rolled my ankle kick flipping gaps and another time on a flat ground casper flip.

    The casper flip was the last time I rolled my ankle and I couldn\'t skate for over a year and half without my ankle hurting like hell.(Imagine, a flat ground trick destroying your ability to skate for a year and a half) I\'m back now though, but I stay away from big shit cause my ankle is probably weak.
  9. ^
    thats what the doctor told me about my ankle, that the tendons were really weak and i always need to use a brace. Damn, i really hope my ankle starts feeling better, i dont want to wait a year! I just got my new Shorty\'s deck! noo....

  10. Is it your back foot or your front foot. For me it\'s my front foot so it takes longer to use to skate because thats the one for all the flips and shit.

    The worst part about the first time I rolled my ankle was thinking it was okay too soon. I went into my garage to try a kickflip cause I thought my ankle was better. Boy was I wrong. It hurt SO FUCKING BAD I cannot begin to tell you. Needless to say I hindered my ability to skate all over again and had to start the healing process all over again. Try not to make that mistake.
  11. Ah man, that sucks.. my foot is feeling better, but if i turn it to the side, theres a sharp pain, so i wont try to skate for awhile...But i skate regular, and its my back foot, so i guess thats a plus...
  12. yo didnt no anyone sk8ed who was a member of the city. rock
    do u guys sk8 high? i do some of my best shit high or just fall down. ether or. my town sucks for sk8in by i tryin bust out.
    east cost up state ny has no sk8 seen at all. were did yall live is the seen any good. well sk8 or die
  13. dude that shit looks really ugly. Sorry bro, I ahev always been lucky in hurting myself too. I surf a lot and travel around the world to surf. In costa rica, which I go once a year, I always get hurt down there for some reason. I had fell on a really heavy reef break and scrped my back and a huge chuck was taken out as well. It was on the last day!

    p e a c e
  14. ^
    ouch, i had a old friend who lived in virginia beach who surfed a lot. He went on this trip to some coastal area in californa a few years ago. He almost drowned on this huuuge wave he caught. I mean, he did go from those weak ass waves in virgina beach to california\'s...

    but some high guy, i live in atlanta which is pretty good for skating. Theres a couple good parks around, and always street, which i love the most. Going into town late at night and waxing up the park fountains for a few grinds before the cops come is always fun... In north carolina where i used to live, it wasnt as good, but still had some good skatable locals by the NC state university campus where i always hung out. Before that when i lived in cleveland, i wasn\'t really too much into skating, and i would normally just use it to get up to these coffee shops on coventry road. There was a shop called arabica where lots of people would just smoke up right there, but they got shut down, and then everything was rebuilt around 2001 to make it non skate friendly and to bring in higher class buisnesses. I hated how they did that, but i do love the mongolian BBQ store they put in :) and i dont even live there anymore so, hey!
  15. I live at east coast Florida. We have tampa skate park and we have orlando vans skate park. Thats the only ones I have ridden at. They have some really good setups and I think we have a couple concrete parks as well. Im not big into skating. I can do lots of lip tricks and just try to flow, thats all. I usually surf skate. I have been told I am the only kid that someone has ever seen do a total layback with butt drag and all on total flat surface with a skate board. I dont know...


    p e a c e
  16. *cringe

    those pics... shit man....

    i don\'t skate but one time when i was snowboarding stoned i went off this jump and I dont even know what i did in the air, but i landed on my wrist and my ulna ended sticking out an inch... that hurt soooo bad, haven\'t boarded since.
    i\'m such a girl lol
  17. i broke both bones in my arm snowboarding when i used to live in ohio where it snowed, since i live in georgia now, its kinda hard to snow board with no snow, hah... so i havent since i broke my arm, but its just because im not physically able to, not because im scared hah..

    oh i also got a cuncussion from it, and a \"pin point brain bleed\" that was almost \"life-threatening\"... i was 16 at the time, so i wasnt really sure what was going on, just that the doctor was talking to my mom a lot and she was getting all freaked out and i was sitting in a hospital bed for 2 days until they saw that my brain stopped bleeding, haha.. it just sounds gross to me when i say it.. i can remember anything from the actual incident, but my step brother who was with me said that i got like 15 feet of air off this jump we made and when i landed i just collapsed on impact and didnt get back up... wish i had some video of it..

  18. woooaaa
    that blows
    glad ur allrite tho
  19. i tried to front board a little 6 and slipped out and hit my chin on the ground. i had to get 14 stitches.
  20. Did you break any teeth?

    I broke my front teeth FIRST when i was in 4th grade after school and the counselor was spinning us around and getting us all dizzy, then my friend like slide tackled me and i fell on my mouth on the concrete. The second time it was the same friend who slide tackled me, but we were wrestling and he kneed me in the mouth. Only one of them broke that time, and it was in the same year i think. The third time i was older and it just broke when i was eating something hard. The fourth time was when i was playing in my friends ska band with my trumpet in 8th grade. My friend shoved me in the back when i was putting my trumpet up to my mouth because i was about to miss my cue, and my mouth got shoved into the mouthpeice and broke out my teeth again. The first time it happend, it hurt like royal hell, after that i could hardly feel it really, except for the trumpet one, that one hurt! The worst part was getting them fixed at the dentist and sitting with your mouth open for 2 hours... And i have two root canals setup before the end of 2003 for them. They said i had to wait until all my teeth and other bones stopped growing, thats why i have to get it done NOW...i almost forgot about it, i can\'t wait...

    woah, i was really rambling wasnt i?

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