Skate 3 Release today.

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by SnuggieLuv, May 11, 2010.

  1. Any blades picking it up this morning, I know I'll be there right after gamestop opens. Gettin ready for a day of blazin and xbox.
  2. I haven't bought 1 or 2 and I really like the series, its a lot of fun. So I think instead of buying 3 brand new for $60 I'll just buy skate 2 for cheap, especially since they didn't add a LOT of new content to the game.
  3. Awww shit. I'll be there soon.

    B herb420
  4. i bought it yesterday.
  5. playing that shit right now :smoking:
  6. can you still bail off your skateboard? i love bodyslamming concrete from rooftops..
  7. yeah.
  8. How's the new fun track ?
  9. I played the demo but didn't notice much different from skate 2. Anyone know what the differences are?
  10. i bought skate 1 when it came out and still play it. 2 and 3 feel...funny to me. i like to stick to the original, i love that game
  11. Well, anyone want to play(get beat) in skate. 1 or 2?
  12. I bought Skate 3 the day it came out and I like it lots. Playing it right now actually. I love the original Skate a lot more and still play it all the time. Skate 2 sucked I beat it and never played it again. Skate 3 is loads of fun! I love makin' my own parks and the new team thing is pretty sweet. If your gonna buy a Skate game I'd go with the first Skate then skip the second one and get the third. If you wanna play some Skate 3 hit me up!!

  13. hmm really? why is the first one thought to be better than the second?

  14. Well imo Skate 2 should have been dlc for the original. It didn't do much but introduce being able to get off your board and walk around. With the addition of some new tricks. But walking around was horrible, it was hard.. It also had the same spots as the first Skate but more improved but there were extra spots. But I've played the original more than any other game I've had. And Skate 2 was just a big let down.

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