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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by ugeman420, May 28, 2003.

  1. for anyone into ska, i was wondering what some good ska bands are. the bosstones, bim skala bim, and like subhumans and shit i knwo about. btu what other ones are good (i'm not a huge fan of ltj or rbf and stuff like that). also, i've heard of the ska band HIM, but for some reason there are like two HIMs, there is some gothic rock one and this really sweet ska one, but i cant seem to find the ska one, if you have any info on this it would be sweet. thanks
  2. plan 9 usa, check em' out
  3. i really dig less than jake. they put on suck a kick ass show. they have so much fun and do it for the damn fans!
    another Ive gotten into a few years back is the hippos. GREAT lyrics. check em out..and if I think of any others, ill drop a, im gonna go right now actually and go through my LTJ songs..Ill through you a few to check out ;)
  4. OK, then since I cant read, ltj is out. the hippos...the hippos? lol..

    anyway, ltj does put on a kick ass show lol Im smiling my ass off the entore time I surf the crowd lol ;)
  5. Hey potshot is a good one. I warn you though, they make good music... but they're japanese :p

    check out subb

    also, you think HIM is gothic rock??
  6. nah i mean in a mag i read that him was like a local ska band, but for some reason when i try to look them up (like on ebay or online) all i get is this gothic crap like HIs internal majesty or some crap like that. it looks gothic to me, unless it is the same band as in the mag, although they look nothing unlike. One is a bunch of people on sax and drums whereas the HIM (gothic one) has songs named like "kill yourself and sacrifice blood" and all that screwed up stuff...
  7. I'm not a big ska fan myself, but a few of my friends are. I think the Mad Caddies are pretty good.
  8. i listen to skacore bands like Voodoo Glow Skulls (too crazy), Catch 22, Aquabats, Against All Authority, Suicide Machines

    also older ones: fishbone, skankin' pickle

    check for the Planet Smashers, a great ska band from my country
  9. just got turned on to RX bandits :)

    mad caddies, suicide machines, mustard plug, planet smashers, spitvalves, catch 22, the hippos, the toasters, the specials, reel big fish, knowhow, skankin pickle, operation ivy, the heatskores......
  11. Anyone here like treephort? They're a local ska band here but I know they make their way around the southeast
  12. for catch22 fans check for Streetlight Manifesto and Bandits Of The Acoustic Revolution, Both are the first catch22 singer's bands.
  13. catch22,dropkick murphys, goldfinger, mad caddies, the mighty mighty bosstones, the pie tasters, reel big fish, save ferris,

    I love ska,
    i was at a reel big fish concert and warp tour last year!
  14. sublime was considered a ska type band.... and sublime kicks ass
  15. ska is jimmy cliff, bad manners, the specials, toots and the maytals, the selecter, and very very old bob marley, i.e. the Simmer Down/Stir it up (original)/Soul Rebel marley era..
  16. man you all should check out the first ska and reggae.

    like the skatalites, desmond dekker, bob marley and stuff.

    lively up yoself!

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