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Ska anybody?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Chubigans, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. I see there's a lot of reggae fans around. That's to be expected. It's great for being stoned, there's no doubt. But what about ska?

    All ska is good to me, but I like third wave. I like to just chill by this pond with my IPOD when im high and just listen to Planet smashers or Catch 22. Mad Caddies, The Specials. I like a lot of really popular ska bands.

    Anyone else like ska? What are your favorite ska bands?
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    There this band i use to listen to alot, i got into them when i went to visit my family in mexico,,,there consider ska, u might like, pretty trippy vid. spanish ofcourse[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXuVrrkAPCU&feature=related"]YouTube - don palabras[/ame]
  3. i like that punk skacore.... like hardcore punk with ska in it..

    leftover crack..
  4. i love ska! sublime, slightly stoopid, the expendables... recently started to listen to Streetlight Manifesto... they are pretty good as well
  5. Pretty sure Slightly Stoopid is reggae not ska...

    IMO ska is pretty bad... that's just me though
  6. Ska is definately an acquired taste. I've been listening to it for six years. What i've found is that it has its off days. That's why I only like listening to it at the beach / longboarding barefoot / sunny days. It's just that kind of music. Cloudy days (like today) are just bad times for ska. And yes, streetlight manifesto is pretty crazy, except a little dark.

    I'd reccomend for the reggae fans, listen to "cool your jets" by Planet smashers. It's a first wave ska-esque song, which is the style that became popular before reggae. Go give it a listen.
  7. Oh and this video is pretty insane / sweet band. I like it a lot. Maybe you could recommend me some other spanish bands?
  8. Streetlight Manifesto is probably my favorite band of all time. One may label them as ska but they are just so much more than that. As cheesy as it sounds, they've transcended ska into a genre of their own. They have a wide range of influences, everything from reggae to jazz to a little bit of polka to eastern European to much much more. Just sit down and listen to Everything Goes Numb, it's truly an epic masterpiece. Ok, I'm done now. :hello:
  9. Your funky not a junkie but you know where to get it?

    Also, I agree on streetlight. They are to ska what dragonforce is to power metal. Completely over the top. The guitar playing is so insane, as are the brass arrangements. And the lyrics are amazing. I don't know about you though, I only really liked Everything went numb and the Keasby Remix. I havent actually listened to the whole new CD (too much of the same)
  10. Catch 22's Keasbey Nights is far superior to Streetlight's imo. But after Somewhere In The Between came out I was kinda skeptical, but it deffinitely grew on me. Phenomenal record, but Everything Goes numb still tops it. But are ya excited about the new B.O.T.A.R records coming out? I have been waiting like 5 years for 99 Songs Of A Revolution to come out!!:D
  11. I thought botar was abandoned! Omg, they're making more songs? It's a wonderful life is my all time favorite song of its genre!:hello:
  12. Streetlight manifest is the only real ska band out of that group.

    and YES! leftover crack kicks ass! any band with Stza crack kicks ass. Chocking Victim is one of my favs
  13. i listen to some ska stuff every once in a while. great stuff if you're chillin at the beach or if it's a sunny warm day outside.

    rx bandits
    less than jake
    mighty mighty bosstones
    suicide machines
    toots and the maytals
    reel big fish

    not all considered 'ska' but still some great stuff, give em a listen.
  14. Theres a lot of ska-punk in there, but hey, I call it ska if there's skanking at shows. Less than jake and the bosstones are pretty great
  15. I looove me some ska. You should check out Assorted Jelly Beans. Funny band name, I know, but their stuff's awesome & original. You can easily imagine them playing in a garage or a really bumpin' party.
  16. I love love love ska, but it obviously can't be the only thing you listen to.

    Seeing Streetlight Manifesto open for Reel Big Fish Jan. 2! Awesome. Saw Streetlight before, they're just amazing.

    My friend's ska band just got onto iTunes, they played their last show in my garage:

  17. Everything that's been said in here I really like...

    Catch 22/Streetlight Manifesto
    Madd Caddies
    Planet Smashers
    Leftover Crack/Choking Victim
    Reel Big Fish
    The Toasters
    The Flatliners - great punk/ska band
    Suicide Machines
  18. fishbone is sick too
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  20. Ska gets old really fast. There's only a handful of bands that can pull it off IMO.

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