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sizzurp question

Discussion in 'General' started by D-Loc, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. ok, So today i got a precription for cheratussin ac 120 ml. Can i mix up some drink with the syrup or is it not safe or what. I looked everywhere i could think of and couldnt find anything on syrup not containing promethazine.

    SO get back at me with some info, so i can go and get my lean on.
  2. never heard of cherratussin but if there no codiene in it then theres no fun in it
  3. no theres 10 mg of codein in every 5 ml dose. I already took 40 mg. And its definatly got that nice warm fellen goen with it i just wanna know how much id have to ingest to see those color patterns every1s talken about.
  4. dude, ive never seen color patterns from codiene and ive taken 300mg

    but id say as long as theres no tylenol in it you can go up to 80mg

    and if you want mix it in a lil sprite
  5. under 100 mg is pointless in my opinion, might be because i have a tolerance or cause i just like sippin big, but check the other ingredient n make sure its safe to take more b4 you do anything, smoke a blunt or something, sip a bit more and you'l' see what sippin the barre really 'bout.
    1 of my favorite lines ..... "look in my cup, i got more syrup than Wafflehouse" - flip tha freestyle king
  6. Cheratussin is THE BEST SHIT to make sizzurp with! I duno why everyone thinks promethazine is requited to make this WONDERFUL drink! PROMETHAZINE AKA FENERGAN (SP?) IS ONLY ADDED TO PREVENT PUKING! It is NOTHING BUT an anti-nausua medication!

    I have a lifetime supply of it, as I get car sick AND seasick and LONG offshore fishing/roadtrips is nothing short of a family pastime / tradition! IT CAN make you a bit drowsy, but syrup ain't supposed to do that! Atleast, I don't like mine to!

    The reason I say cheratussin (aka a STRONGER tussinex that taste like cherries) is the best thing to use is because of JUST THAT! Its got 10mgs of codeine in it per 5mls compared to 1mg per ml - like MOST cough syrups containing codeine! + it has the TASTE OF CHERRIES BRO!

    When u talk about "seeing trails" and shit, that's from stupid fucks that don't know what they're doing and end up "robotripping" of STRAIGHT Robitussin and sprite or some shit! Here is EXACTLY how to make true LEAN (and I grew up in VA, the rest of my fam is in Tennessee, WV and Mississippi! I know, hillbilly ass! Lol!)..... But this is how its done!


    - Take 40-80mgs (of the codiene mgs / **what I CAN handle**) of your cough syrup WITH CODEINE! (preferably cheratussin - what u have/had!)

    - Get a 20oz Sprite

    - Get some Jolly Ranchers, preferably CHERRY! (THEY ARE THE STRONGEST!)

    - AND THAT'S IT!

    Pure out enough of the Sprite to fit in the cheratussin/tussinex/liquid codeine/WHATEVER, and your BROKEN UP Jolly Ranchers (yes break em up, they'll desolve faster).

    Put in about 3-4 of the Jolly's, pour in your codeine and tada! LEAN! The Robitussin in the syrup, along with the codeine will give u a great, mellow high. Just sit back, burn a fatty and sip that shit!

    **I must add and its worthy to note that 40-80mgs of codeine is quite a bit so if u don't have a tolerance to opiates THIS COULD KILL YOU! But you're more likely to get SICK and THROWUP first! See why ppl ads in promethazine now?! Haha.... **

    Also I might add - I don't know how old this thread is, found it on a random Google search about severe cough lol... Just realized it was posted on my favorite and only paid for membership FORUM! LOL - BITCHIN! ROCK ON GROWERS AND STONERS! ENJOY YOUR SIZZZZZZZUUUUURRRRP!
  7. Against the rules.
  8. this is gonna get taken down kinda quick but as somone already said promethazine is just anti nausea medicine that sounds pretty cool so everybody got to saying it. The codeine is what gets you fucked up and I dont know how you measure it but around here we do 20 dollars a liquid ounce and 2 (or a deuce) is the usual serving amount although ive seen people go all the way up to 6 and even higher...they like it strong, id rather just have a few cups you know i love to sip.

  9. and just so yall dont forget, this is an extremely dangerous drug:

    RIP DJ Screw
    RIP Big Hawk
    RIP Big Moe

  10. Did NOT realize it was against the rules, my apologies to everyone ... Just spittin' wisdom!

    One bottle gets me bent, but that's usually cuz I half and half the damn sprite bottle! Lol...:p
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