Size pot for sprouts?

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  1. I know with autos, transplanting can be more of an issue but with feminized seeds, what’s the best size to start a seed in? I know roots should be contained a little and not allowed to grow everywhere.
  2. Most people start in solo cups and transplant after 2 weeks.
    I start in rapid rooters in 1 liter airpots.
    Here they are at 7 days from sprout.
    7 days 11-1-21.jpg
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  3. Your plants are always so healthy Mick.
    @av8ersteve Mick is being humble, make sure to check out his older thread: Mick's Coco - K.I.S.S. - Scrog Method
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  4. Autos . after they hatched put it into the final size container if you want . I suggest no larger then three gallon pots . Its not needed to go bigger . If not hatched paper towel and baggy.
  5. I do it about the same as you Mick, 1 liter pots with rooter cubes, autos and photos, started doing it about 2 years ago and have had almost 0 issues, even with cheap plastic 1 liter pots from lowes.

    Days 1-20, the 2 gorilla glue 4 photos are the bigger plants, the two smaller were Bruce Banner autos. (these were my first autos and they were supposed to be fem, seed bank screwed up, so apologies if they aren't super impressive, but then, I'm a hobby grower so no real pressure to produce.)
    4997001.jpg 5090.jpg 20220914_172308.jpg 20220917_092706.jpg 20220921_154155.jpg

    After 20 or so days they are ready for the 5 gal pots, sometimes sooner than 20 days.

    For the lazy man like myself, 65/35 happy frog and oly mtn fish compost (the purple stuff from build a soil) or if you know what your doing, mix your own compost, throw in 1-2 good handfuls of perlite or equivalent for drainage.

    I don't do anything but water them until they are ready to flip, or unless I notice signs of deficiency or other issues.
    (assuming you do some math, set your light at the correct height and intensity, keep temp and RH stable.)

    (actually I take that back, they do get 2-5ml per week of silica supplement from the time they sprout, but generally no other nutes until its time to flip to flower)

    If I do autos again I may just run them start to finish with 3 gal pots, not sure, gonna see how the yields are on this accidental auto crop in another 5-6 weeks or so, plus how many nutes they will require once they exhaust the 5 gallon pots they are currently in.

    I've been fooling around with testing seedlings under an almost fully blue shifted blurple light at about 300umol/s for the first week, increasing by roughly 50 umol's per sec each week until I'm sure they are established.

    Though I don't have anything conclusive yet, it does seem to accelerate the initial taproot into taking hold, but I'll need at least a few more grows worth of data to have anything conclusive it certainly doesn't seem to hurt.

    Best of luck on the photos mate, and remember, there are a lot of ways to grow cannabis successfully even if not impressively, pick an establish method you think will work for you, and give it a shot.
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  6. Thanks for the info! Little zkittle has already hatched so into the dirt she goes.
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