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  1. I know from another thread and books that bigger pots are better. I have a limited space that fits 4-6 2 gallon pots or 4 3 gallon pots. My question is, will the one gallon difference make a noticable difference in yield increase or will it be just a little?:confused:
  2. It partly depends on how long you wants to veg. If you are going to start with clones and flower them right away You could get away with 2 gallons. If you are growing from seed or plan to veg any amount of time, I'd go with the 3 gallon.

    As for how much difference containers make, I got some clones from a friend that I put right away in a big smart pots, and someone else has some of the exact same clones in smaller plastic pots. After only a couple weeks mine are probably double the others.
  3. The bigger the pot the bigger the plant, but a gallon won't make a huge amount of difference but what will be your lighting, nutrients and every other factor so worry about that and not the pots :)
  4. I used 3 gal smart pots last grow, got 6.5 ounces off 2 plants. Normally, with this strain I would need 5 gal buckets to yield the same weight. Pruning pots are a more efficient use of soil, imo.
  5. A good rule of thumb is 1 foot of plant per gallon of container space. mind you there are exceptions to every rule. So with this in mind the bigger the plant the better the yield.
  6. Don't think of it as just a one little ol' gallon, think of it as 50% more. Yes it will make a difference, but as mjmama said it depends to some extent how you plan to grow. Growing from seed then you are better to grow a lower number of bigger plants with a few weeks of veg and training.
  7. Thanks guys!! I can only let my girls get between 2-2.5' so I'll just go 3 gal. A 400 watt MH/HPS and 3 42 watt CFLs on the undergrowth. I guess if they get where they will pass that height, I guess I'll get to do a bit of training.:smoke:
  8. Start the training early on, you can always let them go wild later. If you start early you will not only be controlling height but also increasing your harvest because you will be developing strong secondary and tertiary growth. If you wait to train then the plant will have already grown into pretty much a traditional top-cola plant, and the stalk will be stiff and not as easy to train.

    LST is very easy and works wonders.

  9. How early on in a four week veg where I will top to leave 4 tops?
  10. You can start LST anytime once you get your 4th or 5th node...
  11. I would go with bigger and possibly 2 or 3 5 gallons if you can fit 7oz from one 5 gallon bucket and 400w scrog...vegged for 2mo though so 2 or 3 plants will cut down on that
  12. With the height 0f 3' your good with 3gl and more pot size can mean more if ya know more. I have backed off 5gl to 3gl with no loss at all. But that has a lot to do with veg time and plant type too.

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