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Size of Bowl

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by drifter51, May 11, 2011.

  1. I was wondering does the size of the bowl affect the high at all ?

    When I first bought from my dealer ( College classmate) we both went to his car and smoked from this large super mega obnoxious bowl he had ( I guess he's overcompensating for something lol ). Since I was just starting off I didn't know how to roll a joint right so instead of wasting the green gold, I just keep making waterfall bongs and that kinda worked out but it used up a lot of weed in my opinion.

    Anyway, since there aren't any headshops near me, I asked him to hook me up with one, and of course, he gives me this super small baby bowl that looks like a traffic cone. Don't get me wrong, It get's the job done and I've grown to love it but, I was wondering does a Bigger bowl have a greater effect? Or is the smaller one better because you don't have to use as much ?

    When we smoked from his I really didn't get that stoned but I'm not sure to attribute that to the bowl or not. I never get as high when sharing a bowl and it was my first time so I didn't think much of it ( I tend to hear that people don't really get high, their first time ). But since I'm planing on getting a decent grinder soon I'm wondering should I upgrade my other hardware as well.
  2. It just means less packing. It's completely personal preference. Obviously smaller bowls will make your weed last longer, allowing you to potentially get high with less waste of weed... but in the end it's all going to your lungs.

    My 'daily' pipe can hold about .4 or .5 of grinded weed. It has a pretty big bowl, but if I'm trying to conserve I'll use my one hitter or even better my vaporizer.

    Hope this helped.
  3. I definitely enjoy bigger sized bowls. Not something necessarily extreme like he had, there's always happy mediums.

    Bigger bowl sizes to me mean generally bigger mouth piece as well, giving you an overall bigger hit. Basically, if you want to go big you can. You don't have that option with smaller bowls and mouth pieces.

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