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Size of a joint?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kami73, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. what should the size of my joint be?

    For Reference : about 3-5 people will be smoking
    I have a joint about the size of my middle finger.
    Should i roll a smaller joint?

    I know this may be a stupid question, but thats a risk im willing to take. :smoking:
  2. #2 MadNicePillows, Sep 19, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2009
    roll semi-small joints. big joints leave a lot of weed burning constantly and will waste more smoke. if you roll 2-3 smaller ones you guys will all get much higher. plus if you are smoking one big joint with 5 people it will probably go around once
  3. roll up a blunt
  4. ya, fuck my idea. go for the blunt dude
  5. ha i wish i could, but i only got some rollies right now, and the thing is i lost my zigzags so there clear ones, also i don't wanna be too fucked up as we're gonna go back to school after we finish up the joint. also Please don't even try to talk me out of smoking at school, been there, done that.
  6. +1 To the more but small than the less but large.
  7. go buy some swishers... if you cant afford it take up a collection, if you cant buy them because of age, youre on the wrong forum.
  8. yeah just pick up a cigar or some kingpins before. theyre less than $1
  9. i dont smoke joints as much these days because i smoke 1 gram in a joint always max. so i say just roll as much as you want in a joint but unless you have a lot of money then you shouldnt do that lol because a joint at around 1 gram each can get expensive if you smoke a decent amount.

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