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  1. I have my plants under a 400w HPS now for about 3 days. I gave them some tiger bloom 2 days ago and the beginning buds turned bright green (hard to tell under the HPS) but you can see it. Are they just going through shock after the adjustment? Otherwise they look healthly

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  2. Also I got a freaky little plant 8" tall at 8 1/2 weeks. Suppose to be pure afghani. Don't know what sex yet, only 3 days in flowering

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  3. They're just loving the tiger bloom. I use liquid koolbloom which is a 0-10-10, and within a few days of adding it to the res, it's obvious that it's working. Plants look good man keep us posted till harvest!!
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    Thanks man, I thought I over did it. I'll post what happens to this little fart. And the others.
  5. That is actually a really beautiful little runt.
  6. Yeah it might surprise me later.:eek:

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