Size Matters (Thats what she said)

Discussion in 'New Forum Upgrade Bug Tracker' started by ImTheJoker4u2, Mar 3, 2016.

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  1. I see that I have gained "Old School" status :rave-girl: Thank you to whomever made that happen :passing-joint:
    My "ForUnlawfulCarnalKnowlege" under my icon is in two parts now though :(
    Is there enough room to use spaces now, or do I need a new witty and lamely disguised vulgarity?:smoking-banana:
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  2. I guess you can delete this - I got it figured out.
    Was wondering about post count and rep though... Its not listed under anyones names anymore without having to click on expand?
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  3. you can change that in your settings

    go to preferences -> collapse user information, uncheck the box
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  4. My collapse user info box is unchecked but I still don't see user info
  5. How long do you have to be a member to get old school status?
  6. Dunno - But I joined in '09 :eek:
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  7. Wait - Now I lost my Gold Member bar... :laughing:
  8. So "old school" covers gold status... Why not just have "Old Gold" or "G.Old School"... Or "Old School" in a gold box??
    IDK.... Just ideas....
  9. Old school in a gold box sounds like a good idea
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  10. You didn't loose it , i just changed couple settings to make sure threads will not look like rainbows because of staff banners :D

    Now the system will display the highest hierarchy on the user banners.
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  11. Is this on Mobile or on Desktop ?
  12. It's on mobile. Android 6, Chrome browser

  13. It is expected , responsive design already hides those elements for cleaner display :)
  14. Dam that's a shame. Can that not be changed?
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