size matter?

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  1. does it really matter what size net pot you use when doing dwc or aeroponics seeing as the roots hang down? I ask becasue im pretty baked and I'm cheap and have quit a few 3inch ones left over from my cloner :smoking:
  2. Unless your stalk is going to exceed the 3'', I think you'll be fine.

    The biggest problem is that if you grow large plants in the top of a bucket with small netpots, they have the tendency to fall over and the netpot can fall through the hole cut in the top of the bucket.
  3. No, it doesn't really matter. Except for balance like he^ said... but still you'd need a 4+ foot bush to do that...
  4. Didn't think it would thanks
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    Im doing a DWC grow right now I have 3+ feet bushes and one of my 6 inch netcups is tilted to the right (as is the bush it self, the branches are all leaning already) I am in ~week 2 of flowering. Have tied down many branches to the roof of my grow tent and to the side supports to help remedy the leaning.

    This is freaking me out!!! Theres no way I can move it back without effecting some roots, I have 5 plants total in the same tub.

    The net cup is "leaning" out of the hole towards one side, it isnt perfectly snug fit anymore, I am kind of freaking out that its going to fall through in to my rubbermaid container where my soup is :/

    Any advice? haha really just venting off stress and anxiety right now, dont know what to do other than wait it out and see what happens lol

    note to self- FLOWER EARLIER lol

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