Size discrimination.

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  1. I think size discrimination is an issue that isn't discussed enough, so this thread will be used to discuss the issue and share personal stories.

    Whether you've been discriminated for being too fat, too skinny, too tall, or too short or if you think this isn't even an issue at all, feel free to post here.

    If you have anything to say about the subject, feel free to post here. I'm just interested in hearing stories & opinions.
  2. NEVER judge a book by it's cover;):smoke:
  3. I don't discriminate. I take people for what they are.

    If I refuse to date a girl because, say she is fat.....I am not "discriminating" against them.

    That is where this word kinda loses it's value, and in fact the reason it is under-discussed.

    Discrimination is to disqualify someone from a position or attitude due to something not related to that position or attitude. Ie. If you're applying for a job as a secretary, and I don't hire you because you're black.....then I discriminated because being black has nothing to do with being a secretary.

    When I refuse a fat's different. The application to be my girlfriend requires that you can do things with me, like climb a mountain, and take up less than half the bed. Therefore, that is not discrimination....because just like the job "Secretary" has qualifications, so do I look for certain things in friends, relationships, etc.

    Shallow? yeah, maybe. But it's true, and we all do it, and it's not discriminating in that sense. If you don't meet someone's personal opinion of what they want, you were basically disqualified legitimately. That, I believe, is natural selection...not discrimination.

    Discrimination is when you meet all requirements, and get cast aside for something that should NEVER have been a requirement. If you failed a requirement though, it's not discrimination.

    I think it's reasonable for thin, active, athletic people, to not want to be with, for example, fat lazy people.
  4. Does penis size count?
  5. I agree. Some of it sounds sad, but true. I know I want a reasonably in shape girlfriend.
  6. It's not sad, it's perfectly normal. Survival of the fittest right?
  7. I know, but it can sound sad a little.
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    It's not wrong. If a fat girl has a great personality, awesome. I'll be her friend forever and ever. But I'm not fat....I work out daily, I spend effort and time to trying to not look too me it's not too much to ask that anyone I'm with does kinda the same.

    Reminds me of a thing I wrote once, don't remember it all, but it went like....

    "Every day I daydream of what I want from within the walls of my house, yet every dream takes place outside...."

    Is it right, for a good looking guy to not want a fat girl?

    Is it right, for a fat girl, to expect a good looking guy to like her?

    When I get out of shape (I'm 30ish, so I've been up and down hehe), I don't hit on hot athletic girls.....because I accept that it was my own fault I am not up to their standard.

    Evolution tells us to always pick the "best" possible, and to always look 1 step above what we are.

    But sometimes, you just gotta let it go and accept the truth.
  9. He stood there on the beach magnificent in all his glory, unsure of his next move. She saw him, so he acknowledged her. He flexed his muscular arms, and swayed in her direction. She hobbled slowly at him, tripping over rocks, and missing her mouth as she attempted to shove a hotdog into it.

    They met. Their embrace strong. He squeezed, and she moaned. She squeezed, and he cried. They released one another to stare upon the beauty they had each found. He crumpled to the ground, smothered by her layers of fatness....

    The End.

    See? That story sucks. Nobody daydreams of that!
  10. i refuse to date a fat chick. I spent countless hours in the gym to stay healthy & fit. she should also.
  11. Now wait, OP you never specified what kind of discrimination?

    Say you're large, and applying for a job?

    Then yes, if you do not get selected for the job, a job that you are fully capable of performing well, due to size, then that is a dick move.

    But here's my story that nobody will care about on that :)

    I worked for a company once, and it was a marketing company, and had a lot of face to face interactions. I ascended to the point where I was in charge of initial interviews. I will safely say that I never once ever discounted someone due to their size. If it was the fattest ugliest girl on the planet, but she looked like she could do the job, and would work well within the office, I would hire her.

    However, yes, admittedly, and this was many years ago I just want to point out defensively, hehe, if she was going against a girl equally qualified who was hot, I would 99% of the time hire the hot girl. Justifyably, I needed employees that made people want to stick around longer. So going on just a resume, interview, and looks alone, if the resume was similar and the interview was simliar, I would default to looks.

    On the other hand, once I had a lot of experience in my job, I stopped that for the most part, realizing eventually that hot dumb college chicks were less reliable than a friendly old big lady :)
  12. [​IMG]

    But in all seriousness, if you're 'bigger' it's by all means your fault. There are ways to stay in shape that actually work. It's called diet, exercise, and not being lazy. You can't sit there and complain when you're shoving unhealthy food down your stomach.
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    Now when I say size discrimination I'm not only talking about weight.
    What about height?
    Where do you guys stand on that?

    It's not like it's the person's fault for being tall, but there are plenty of guys who wouldn't date a girl taller than him.

    Me being a male that's 5'3 I don't have as much as a chance with the average girl as opposed to a taller guy.

    I guess girls want to feel 'protected' and it's assumed a small guy would easily get his ass whooped.

    Not to mention I'm built like an Asian (because I am one) so even though I work out regularly i still appear to be skinny, and pretty much any girl would pick the guy that's obviously ripped over the guy that appears to be moderately fit.
  14. I never really saw height as something looked at.

    I'm 6'0 even, I guess it's alright.

    Height to me really doesn't matter, I'll date a girl taller (she'd be a freak of nature), but I like shorter girls because they are more convenient.
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    Same thing as weight. If a person doesn't want to date a tall/short person there is nothing wrong with that, but if they deny someone a job for that which they are qualified just because they are too tall/short then there is a problem. I know you can't control you're height but if you are just not turned on to a tall/short person you just have to accept what you find attractive in a person.
  16. I'm fat and I think White Castle discriminates. Those fucking tables are hard to sit at.
  17. Well i grew pretty fast. I was 6 foot 1 by the 7th grade and was taller than everyone else. felt awkward at times. grew to 6 foot 3 and I got up to 215 in 8th grade but went to the gym and now i weigh 180 and feel alot better about myself. About to start going back to the gym steadily this time gaining muscle instead of trying to loose fat :smoke:
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    Yep. That's not discrimination again.

    Shorter guy. Most girls don't give you credit because they judge it all based on your being short.

    That is an issue, that you have to solve sir.

    Not everyone is born perfect, though it might seem like some people are sometimes.

    Why don't we just get straight to the point, and not turn this into an argument of discrimination.........lets go back to what this really started're shorter and thin, and feel girls overlook you because of it.

    Admittedly, you're likely right.

    They probably do overlook you. They probably do think "Oh he short, and not very bulky, and on the other hand I could have the quarterback....."

    So instead of blaming it on them basically stereotyping, which they likely DO do......spend your energy on finding ways to make yourself worth their attention. Shit, I'm about 6'0", and I've met girls who didn't like me because I was too wtf.....first time I heard that I was thrown for a loop, second time I heard it.......

    I started to realize something :)

  19. That sounds like doo-doo :hello:

    Ok but OP, I kind of understand where youre coming from.
    I might not be short, but I am on the slender side since I also have asian blood in me.
    I work out, but I know for a fact that if some guys of my age would work out the way I do and eat the way I do,they would be alot more bulked up.

    Anyway, I'd say man.. get a nice asian chick.
    Some azn girls do have high standards, and are very westernized, but you still have somewhat traditional girls, and I bet they wouldnt even feel comfortable with some kind of quarterback squashing them, and bringing him home to her asian parents...

    In that pov, u stand a better chance.
    Just know that for every keyhole, theres a key.
    You just need to find yourself a nice keyhole :D
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    So you're only argument is that the short skinny guy should get an asian chick?

    THAT is your post?

    You solved his problem, REGARDING DISCRIMINATION, by advising him to just instead seek short skinny Asians?

    You're an Asian dude, obviously, you're suppose to be looking for Asians!

    This dude probably like lives in Texas. I don't think this dude can just go find Asians instead :)

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