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  1. Will my plant bud if I leave it in a 1 gallon pot? I've read about people keeping mothers in really small pots in order to keep them from budding, but is 1 gal enough? (random bag seed)

    Really more interested in just getting bud from this project. I could care less about the quantity so long as the quality is ok. I'd be perfectly happy with just an 1/8th.

  2. Container size does limit the plant's potential for height, yes. But, it doesn't limit plants from flowering, that is controlled by the lighting cycle.

    So, yes, your plant will flower if you keep it in a gal container. I have several plants going at the moment in 20oz solo cups that are 20 days into flower and will be ready for harvest in about 30-35 days just like normal, but they will be less than 12 inches tall in the end. :smoking:
  3. Since this is an out door grow I'm guessing I will have to wait till the natural light cycle reaches the right timing?

    I'm assuming that would be an indoor grow? Judging by the 30-35 harvest time.
  4. Yup, I grow indoors.

    Like you say, nature will facilitate the flowering process of the plants. Outdoor cannabis begins to flower around mid-late August, give or take a couple weeks.

    You can force flower on outdoor plants, but you need some way to keep the plants completely in the dark for a full 12 hours per day. Some outdoor growers can harvest multiple times per year, but you don't generally see something like that on small grows. :smoking:
  5. Prehaps somone can point me in the right direction so I don't have to make a new topic

    Where is the dang cloning thread? I know I've seen a guide for it on here before but it seems to be gone now.
  6. There are many, many cloning threads floating around. I think you'll find a lot of pertinent info in the Advanced Growing forum. Rumpleforeskin's Aero Cloner has become extremely popular the last few months.

    I built one of these and I enjoy a 100% success rate, usually in 5 days. :smoking:
  7. Oh thanks. I saw that thread, but missed the last part.

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