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  1. I'm in the market for some bubble bags. I want to use the trim from 4 plants. They are each  3.5 feet in height and roughly 2 feet wide. I want to run all the trim in one batch. Will this fit in a gallon bag set, or should I go with 5 gal bags? Which brands should I look at? I want something with average quality that I can use for a year or two (roughly 4 batches a year), that's reasonably priced.

  2. You will need 5 gallon set get a 5 bag system. 220,160,120,73,25 microns don't use the 160 I only use this for dry ice hash. Ebay is as good as anywhere to by them. If your only doing 4 mixers a year get a cheap set. I payed £25 pounds so about $17 buks should get u going. The quality of your sugar trim is the key dry it out until it is dry not crispey. Freeze it for a week before u do a run, a 5 gallon set will take about 213 gram max. This is about 6 plants it is for me anyway. Read read and read some more their are lots of yt clips out their. Happy bubbling...

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  3. I would recommend 5 gallon set for sure. If you want full melt you will need a 7+ bag set whatever size the brand makes.  Don't waste your time with a 3-4 bag set. I mean maybe you could if they gave the right bags but they never do.   Experiment what works for you.  jimmyfly says he don't use the 160 but I find it an absolutely necessary bag for full melt.
    Honestly buy a great set once so you will never have to buy again.  The original Bubble bags come with a lifetime warranty. It's totally worth it.  Not sure on these Boldtbags but I will tell you my experience with brands I have used.  I recently bought a set of Boldtbags.  While they were expensive they are of amazing quality. I did 7 or 8 runs in a weeks time.They feel like they have countless runs left. Like 100+. I've used 2 other sets of bags before, Extraction Bag Pro and a no name brand and the boldtbags are by far the best quality. They have super rigid sidewalls.  So sturdy in fact I found them difficult to work with at first turning them inside out to rinse and back inside out again to dry or ready for next run. Extraction Bag Pro quality is all good but it was a 3 bag set, however I would not hesitate to purchase a 7+ bag set if I could have found one. I also would not have hesitated to buy Bubble Bags if I could find them locally but the Boldtbags were all I could find. 
    I had a problem with my bags initially.  I got home to inspect my package to find my work bag had a manufacture defect. The sidewall was pierced with a sewing machine needle several times. Being that I just spent nearly $500 on these bags I decided to shoot them an email.  Their policy stated that if the bag was in unused condition and a picture of the bag with receipt they will replace it and send a shipping label to return the defect bag free of charge.  I did so and got a reply that very same day.  They agreed to replace the bag no problems no further questions asked hassle free.  I was extremely happy. Thankfully I was able to borrow a work bag from a buddy so I could get it going asap!
    Not showing my receipt pictures. :p
    Anyways about a week or 10 days or so later my replacement bag arrived in the mail.  To my surprise when opening it up it is not the same as the original bag but a lower quality thinner cheaper sidwall material. Seems decent enough but I haven't had a chance to use it yet.  I'll have to report back on that later.  It is what it is.  I'm a tiny bit disappointed but meh.  At least they had extremely speedy responses to my emails and sent me something.  They also didn't give a return shipping label and told me to just keep the original.
    Hope this helps man.  Check out my thread on icewax/bubble hash. :)

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