six rolls for $20.. curiously cheap..?

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  1. So my friend told me she has a shitload of E, she said 5 a pill, or 6 for $20. At first i was like fuck yeah lemmie hop on this train! but now i'm kinda wondering why they're so cheap..(usually i pay like 15-20 each..).

    She said she has a lot of different ones too... (White 8-balls, purple and white glocks, transformer heads, purple and pink stars, and i think two more i forgot..)

    Basically, i'm wondering why they're so cheap... what do you guys think?

  2. GET SIX PINK STARSSS THOSE ARE BOMB. I would be so fuckin happy to get six pink stars for 20. Hope on that train and get like 12 or 24. bomb ass rolls. Ive never heard of them being bunk
  3. If you trust her go for it if not fuck it.

    Girls tend to get better deals, maybe she sucked a dudes dick!
  4. ive heard people say that if the stars have eyes on them there bunk, and the transformer heads are notorious bad rolls.

    Idk but if 2 out of the 4 pills you listed sound bunk off the top of my head i wouldnt even wanna touch the rest of their pills.
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    haha well... she told me her dad drove into NYC like a week ago and picked up a shitload to push, thats why she said they were so cheap..=/
  6. Yeah, don't touch the transformers, but there are good reports on the white glocks. I would buy 1 of each if i was you and see what's straight and what isn't.
  7. You are one lucky sone of a bitch. The cheapest I get em for are $10 a roll.

    On a side note - Why does everyone say bad things about transformers? We had some green transformers floating around here and they were legit.
  8. first buy like 2, then if its legit buy more.
  9. there are alot of bunk pills goin around everywhere
    ive heard ppl from all over the country talkin about it recently

    not sure whos manufacturing them
    (obviously they are not psychonauts, as most psychonauts do not rip you off)

  10. Get six pink stars. Inspect them first. If they are pink star-shaped rolls, then I'd definitely get those.

    Me and my friend payed 40 for 2 you lucky bastard, but we rolled crazy face though!:D It was well worth it.
  11. yeah, usually before this girl came i jad to pay 15 each, somtimes 20.. Thats why im wondering though.. Why are they soo cheap?!haha
  12. Shiet mane, roll first, ask questions later! haha
  13. Dude, unless you buy from this guys dealer I doubt you have the same batch, A stamp is just a stamp. It has nothing to do with the quality. The color and stamp are just eye pleasers. The chemist is what makes rolling hard possible and bad chemists make shitty rolls that just piss everyone off lol.
  14. Well it could be two things. Either your friend is dealing mad pills so she can sell cheap or they are bunk.

    Like someone else said, buy a couple (since they are so cheap) and test them out yourself. If they're legit, stock the fuck up cause that is a deal you prolly won't get again.
  15. no lol never

    People know what they have. Those are just some cheap ass home pressed pills.
  16. You're gonna to be on the pipetrain to bunksville I suspect. :rolleyes:
  17. Transformer heads are some bunk pills avoid those.

    almost guaranteed to be pipes
  18. Buy 1 of each, find which one is the best, then buy shitloads of that one and stock up for rainy days! :D

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