Six Flags + Rolls = Awesome

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    So for my friends birthday yesterday we headed out to Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio. Right before we walked into the main gate of the park, 3 of us popped 2 rolls each.

    Unfortauntly, being the last Saturday of Spring Break, the park was obviously packed. By the time we got on the first ride we had been waiting for around 45 minutes and were starting to roll pretty good. Even though the lines were all extremely long, it was fun as hell when we finally got on the rides.

    Even waiting in line wasn't bad at all since we just talked to random people and went around giving everyone high-fives and stuff like that. After we were there for a while we went out into the parking lot a smoked a joint of some really dank weed my friend has as well.

    All in all, i would have to say that it was one of the funnest things i've ever gotten to do, and my only regret is that we didn't have more rolls! I highly recommend this to anyone who hasn't had to pleasure of going to a theme park and riding roller costers rolling :hello:.

    To top it all off, after we got back, everyone took a dank rillo to the dome and we smoked some bong bowls.

    Easily one of the funnest rides we went on though was the Scream, as we were peaking pretty hard right when we got on about fun

    Oh, and i thought i might add, this was only the second time i've ever rode any roller coasters (i usually just pussed out :( the only other time i rode one was years ago), needless to say though, i'm in love now. thanks to rolls for helping me overcome my fear of that shit and introducing me to all the fun i've been missing

    VVV Scream VVV
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    +rep for your avatar first of all, z-ro is the shit. i live in SA, fiesta texas is the shit, i love going there blown as fuck and throwed. superman is the best ride hands down.

  3. ah hell yeah, that is the first one we rode when we first started coming up, and by the time we got on it we all feeling so good. i even got a badass superman cape to wear around the park for the rest of the day, it felt really cool at the time :smoking:
  4. Sounds awesome. Wish I did that. I'll give you a rep for that awesome experience.
  5. me and my friends are actually doing that as soon as one of our buds comes out of rehab
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