Six Chambered Bubbler?

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  1. I was bored and was looking on the internet for 2-6 chambered pieces just for the hell of it. Then I came across this:
    Six chambered bubbler for 45 dollars? The glass doesn't look as thick as a good piece, but so be it. What do you guys think? Is this worth the money or is it a beat product? Are AAA Glass Pipes any good also? 

  2. I'm looking on there site, and holy shit. They have some extremely cheap glass, and it doesn't look bad either.
  3. Its all china

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  4. Looks like a dinosaur
  5. Right? Good looking pieces for CHEAP. It has got to be too good to be true. I'm expecting weak glass....probably will crack if washed with hot ass water or easily broken if dropped. 
  6. That bubbler is an import porbably made in some sweat shop.
    Also a 6 chamber bubbler like that is a PITA. I used to rock a lot of double bubblers in highschool and those were bad enough.
  7. That would be such a bitch to clean. Double bubs are cool, though.
  8. Like Sweendog said two chamber is enough hassle to clean, six chamber would be hell to clean and remove resin... pass on this and spend your $45 on something better.

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