Situations that werent funny at the time but are in retrospect stories...

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    So members of Grasscity, I have been looking back at my past and realizing how hilarious some of the situations I have gotten into are (although they weren't at the time). Feel free to share yours, whether it be a drunk adventure, cop story, parents story, anything really. I'll start with one of mine (will share many more if this picks up).
        So around 3 months ago, I went to Italy. My friend's 20th birthday was on the day I arrived back, so he decided to postpone his apartment party until the next day (as I was jetlagged). I had brought him back some beer from Italy and was eager to gift them to him. After almost getting into a fatal head-on collision on the way, I made it to his 2br apartment around 2PM. I will catalog what happens next.
    2:00 PM- I arrive w/ steak and beer. Friends rejoice and we catch up.
    3:30 PM- We start to talk about how the night will go, we completely clear his bedroom to set up a beer pong table.
    5:00 PM- Our friend comes back from liquor store with large bottle of Hennessey and around 60 beers. The night begins
    5:05- B-day boy prepares steak and we crack our high-quality imported beers. I take my first bong rip in 3 weeks. I cough relentlessly and feel high as fuck
    5:15- We begin to take shots of Hennessey. We take about 4 shots each
    5:45- Dusk is approaching. Friend has brilliant idea to get more people to the party (start a bonfire at the beach 500 ft from his apartment). We don't want to buy wood, so while drunk, we hop over a 10 foot gate to steal wood pallets.
    6:00- We are back at the apartment with a bunch of wood pallets lingering outside his apartment. 
    6:15- B-Day Boy's sketchy X-bar connect and friends show up. They give us fake names (Cy and Fresh) and are some wack looking motherfuckers. Gave me 2 free bars
    6:30- I'm about 5 shots deep and begin a game of beer pong. 
    6:45- Lose game of beer pong and then chug 6 budweisers afterward
    7:30- After trying to start bonfire, the pallets aren't enough. Some friends go back to steal more pallets
    7:35- I black out.
    Apparently, I wouldn't join them at the bonfire and was stumbling around the beach like a drunk motherfucker. I distinctly recall facing down into the sand for prolonged periods of time. I proceed to vomit on the sand and on my sweatshirt. My friends help carry me back to the apartment. This is what I was told after
    Around 9- Apartment is popping now, around 30 people are here with music blasting. 
    11:00 PM- One of our friends is hitting on roommate's best friend, who just got back with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend begins to pick a fight and our friend accepts. They start pushing each other and the hosts intervene
    12 AM- Cops come to apartment. My friend whose house it was was answered with a bottle of vodka in his hand, expecting to see a friend at the door. Unpleasently surprised. He jeers the cops and apparently calls them 'fuckboys'. His cute roommate comes and she saves the day by re-assuring the cops this wouldn't happen again.
    12:01- Friend clears half of the party out right away, bar connect & sketchy friends stay.
    Flash Forward to 7:30 the next morning. I wake up with clothes on that weren't mine and venture into my friend's room. There's 6 full grown men sleeping on the ground with no pillows,blankets or sheets. I turn one friend over to see penises ALL over his body. I laugh hysterically. 
    Other people who crashed there wake up and everyone checks their shit. As it turns out, CY and his friend Fresh stole: 
    $200 cash
    2 wallets
    contents of a wallet but left the actual wallet (lol)
    Car keys
    my bud
    my sunglasses
    a painting on the wall
    Remember how my friend's roommate told the cops 'this won't happen again'. The next day, she tells my friend that he has 3 weeks to get ready to move out and he's being evicted. Also, last week I was kicking it with a friend at the party who told me I grabbed the sharpie and drew the initial giant cock on my friend's face. I honestly felt bad for my friend who was drawn on and thought I had nothing to do with it lol. Yesterday, I was with my friend who hosted the party and we laughed our asses off at this memory.
    I hope you guys have some stories to share that are hilarious in retrospect. Peace!

  2. Maybe edit a little more out.

    I'm high but I remember when I was on my bunk bed like 11 years ago and sat up. I forgot about the placement of the bed, and the fan hit me at full speed. Right above my ear. It hurt like a mofo but I'm high right now so it's funny. It broke the fan.
  3. Ah, my friend is moving quite a distance away so I'm reminiscing about all the times we've had together. Yesterday is the last night I'll see him for a while. 
  4. Oh so we come here to reminisce? Man, back in the day , my buddy Bob and I were textbook enhancement smokers. We'd get stoned and go to the mall, into places like spencers and shit, just zoning out on the 3d posters and stuff. Then we'd go to the food court and laugh through a meal for about half an hour.
  5. Oh man alcohol and those unmentionables are a bad but my favourite mix, almost always ends in a crazy as fuck night

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