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  1. ok guys help me out on this situation thats goin down

    a few months ago a friend of mine named M wanted to get a sheet of acid. M gave the money to B, who was then to give the money to J for the sheet. The reason M gave the money to B to hold was because her mom is a head and steals her own daughters cash for rocks.

    IRONICALLY, the night M gave the money to B, B got his room broken into and had his new laptop and the money for the sheet stolen.

    M let this go, she is a cool girl, and B did not make any attempt to pay her back. (mainly because he got his laptop stolen as well and couldnt afford to repay)

    M saved up the money again for a sheet, and this time gave it directly to J. Now, J lives across the country from M and B, so this shit has to be mailed. It has been done many a time before. Except this time the sheet has still not made the journey across. Everyones best guess is it got lost in the mail by some dumb gorilla at usps.

    Now, this time M is NOT letting it slide, she has lost a lot of money. She wants some kind of refund.

    J does not want to refund, because he held his part of the deal and did all he could do. He received the money, bought one sheet and priority mailed it to an address.

    B does not want to refund because he feels he has no connection in this, other than introducing J and M.

    Because J is a nice guy, he is willing to mail half a sheet to M and pay for it out of his own pocket. He feels B should also contribute though. Seeing as J did all he could do, and fulfilled his part of the agreement (buy sheet, mail sheet) he doesnt think he should fully refund.

    On the other hand, on the first account when B was holding the money and got it stolen, he DIDNT even complete his part of the deal. All he had to do was get the money to J, but he got it stolen before that, and made no effort to pay back. It was his fault he got the money taken, but he didnt pay back.

    J had no responsibility in the loss of the sheet, but is willing to pay back anyways.

    If any of you actually made it this far I would really appreciate some responses because J is my friend and I hate to see him in this situation.
  2. THIS is EXACTLY why you don't send drugs through the mail HELLO!

    Personally do I think your friend should be repaid? Yes, but for when her money got stolen, not when she didn't get her stuff in the mail, that's the risk you take.
  3. ahem its the risk that SHE takes. SHE risked it. not J.
  4. Yeah, if your gonna mail money or get acid in the mail theres a risk.

    Whenever its not you handing someone the money and getting the goods immediatly, your taking a huge risk.

    I never front money EVER. Especially after reading the 100 posts of people getting fucked by doing that.

    Moral of the story: DONT FRONT CASH. Simple as that.

    If I was J I may do the same thing because I am also a nice person, but he definitly doesn't need to repay her in full. Neither does B.
  5. So, what interest do you have in all this? Are you J?... haha.

    but neways..."your friend" is fine. J doesn't owe M. B owes M. But I would advise J not to send LSD in the mail, bc J could get in a lot of trouble. That's at least two felonies right there...
  6. Dude you should've made up names. I can't follow letters. Hahaha.
  7. ^hah ya strange how I had trouble too. I kept thinking M's a girl? And it starts out M is your friend but than J is your friend?

    If J lost a sheet why would he try the same route again with half as much? M and B are probably liars anyways.
  8. I guess you cant follow dates either, seeing how this thread is two years old

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