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  1. Hello City,
    I come to you for advice on something I do not know too much about. I see this girl everyday , she works at a drive thru. I wanna get to know her for several reasons (shes cute, seems so friendly and upbeat, and seems like an interesting person) but everyday she works the drive thru so I don't get to talk to her much. I see her enough where I could ask her if she wants to hang out but would this be odd considering I hardly know anything about her?
  2. Since you see her everyday jus be flirty and friendly with her. Start small talk or something with her flirting with her and see if she seems scared by it or interested. Take it from there.
  3. I would just be upfront, the worst that could happen is she could turn you down. Try to find a time when she doesn't work. Let's say she doesn't work saturday nights or something. When you see her, say something like "Hey, I'm not really doing anything on saturday night and I was wondering if you would like to go out with me to ___" that's up to your descression, you could ask her to a movie (which I don't reccomend cuz you can't talk to her), you could ask her out to coffee, or just ask her if you could take her out to eat. Whatever you like to do. Just play it cool, come off very casual, if she say's she's busy, then just be like "Alright, that's cool, maybe some other time" and wait a bit before asking again. If she seams kinda hesistant, but not outright objective and she say's "Eh, I'm not really interested in seeing anyone right now" something along those lines. Respond with something along the lines of "we don't have to make it a date or anything, I'd just enjoy your company and like someone new to get to know." If she still isn't interested, then I'd lay off. Just have confidence, if you are casual and confident, girls are more likely to say yes. Good luck, build up the confidence so you don't get a dry throat and sound anxious or anything. Get ready and go for it.
  4. i would go with what reefa said... through down some offense vibes, if she bites, ask her to hang out. if she seems to pull back... theres other fish in the sea.
  5. well, it's 4/20 i still haven't asked this girl out. I know what time she gets off work should I go there and catch her when shes leaving- it seems stalker-like. I only know what time she gets out because I worked at the same store just a different location and the shifts never change. I think this would be the best thing because like I said shes always on the headset and I only get to say HI before she has to take the next customer.
  6. MR.PIMP haha but yea^^ i mean again the WORST THING she'll say is NO, so just go with tha flow;) [THATS A RHYME IN MA DIME 12 oz. mouse,lol]:smoke:

  7. Rawpride's got it right there! Really, getting turned down isn't going to kill you. No one dies from being rejected for a date. Remember, there are over 6 billion people in the world (350 million in the US alone) and a little over half of them are women. You'll just be dealing with just one. With your best smile on when you pull up to the window, just ask her, "Would you like to go out [Friday] night?" What have you got to lose? Really. :cool:
  8. Yep go for it dude, Im not the best person to tell you this cause Im always shy whit them... but if it helps ..... take a few hits for inspiration mate ;)
  9. hey man, if you don't do it. you will regret it for a long ass time.

    im still regretting what I never did :(
  10. dude just ask her, i mean everyone is right most likely if you show confidence and just do it it will be a yes, and if she says no well, who cares im sure you will find someone else. no problem mate. just take a rip or two
  11. I'm with KSR. :smoke:
  12. Just fucking go up to her and start talking to her.

    That's it.

    I used to hate when people gave me that advice, but over time I realized how true it really is. Women expect to get attention from guys, it's not weird. Dispite not being very attractive (I think), I've never had a woman treat me badly just from talking to her. Even the ones who would never date me still don't mind just flirty chatting. And everytime you fail, that's just *that* much more you know not to do next time in a similar situation.

    All that happens if you talk for a while, decide if you actually want to ask her out, and then just do it. I've been rejected so many times in that situation but you get over it. The worse that happens is that you're not going out with her, which is exactly how you were before you asked.

    Also just have some confidence. After that just start talking. Women don't even really care what you say, I've found, as long as you say it without coming off as an un-confident boob. Remember that scene in "The 40 Year Old Virgin" where the main guy talks to that girl in the bookstore and totally fucks up but still gets her info? That doesn't happen all the time but it can happen.

    Good luck.


    The best pickup line is "Hey, how's it going?". From there just ask questions if you ever feel like you can't think of something to say.
  13. How fucking true! Even if you say something totally stupid sounding, say it with a BIG FUCKIN' SMILE! A great smile can go a long way in covering up your shortcomings. About 95% of women will go for the smile. The other 5% are the ones who are way out of your league to begin with. You know who they are...! Forget them. No use wasting time on them.

    But yeah... the smile...:D
  14. Do you know her name?
    If you like her that much, I think she deserves more than a drive thru. Go inside and talk to her for a bit. She might enjoy that. Tell her what you told us on your first post, or give her that impression.

  15. And don't forget the smile...!:D
  16. Just walk up to her and introduce yourself, ask her name and just go with the flow from there. Thats all you can do mang.
  17. if shes got the look of trailer park trash[my kind of women] tell her you wont to snatch her out of that drive thru window,,, and lay the back seat down,, and pack her fudge,, for her,,,,,, some women like it when you come off like a rabid gorilla,,,:D
  18. Listen, don't put her on a higher level than other girls, that'll just make you nervous and plus, she probably like every other one out there. When you go through the drive through just say "hey can I ask you a quick question?" when she says yes, ask for her EMAIL. E-mail may seem a little weird, but it comes off as less intrusive and women respond much better to email than the telephone. If she doesn't hav email jokingly say "you don't have email? do you live in the stone age?" Then take her number if you must. Also, smiling is fine, but don't do it a ton or else you come of as insecure and dorky.

    One last thing. After you get the email, ask her to tea or coffee. If you ask her to something more expensive like dinner, she'll get the impression that you have to bribe her to spend time with you, don't be too generous too soon.

  19. The kid says he's got no time to talk to the girl when he drives through the drive-thru. A smile's gonna be a big asset in that short amount of time. There's no time to smile a 'ton', therefore no time to come off as 'dorky'.
  20. I'm not trying to personally attack you, but can you imagine what he'd look like if he smiled the whole time? Also, if you ever look at the guys that women consider sexy or sex symbols, they almost never smile. You are right though, a smile is fine, I just want to make sure he doesn't blind her with those pearly whites :p.

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