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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Floyd Y 420, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Hey all. Well I started smoking by myself a lot more lately and spending more money on myself rather then my friends. It seems the only times I chill with them is if I am matching them or if I am smoking them up. I just recently picked up and now they think I'm selfish for not smoking the entire sack with them. I already smoked some of it with them. Am I being greedy?

  2. ey man.. thats your dank. your not being greedy, but it sounds like they are. honestly, the best thing you can do is just not trip about it.. you guys might bitch to/about each other but im sure they'll have your back when you really need it
  3. Im pretty much the exact same way. No your not greedy(in my opinion). its your money not theirs. spend it the way you want.
    My friends have been calling me a looser for smoking by myself instead of them. But when im high i like to have my own adventures by myself lol
  4. fuck them, i know people like this also, its rediculous. i smoke them up and then why i dont have anything they tell me to get some to match. i just dont call them anymore and if they call and ask to smoke i make sure they have something to match.
  5. A friendship is a 2 way streak my friend.. remember that.

  6. i think you mean street.

    but indeed you are correct
  7. If you really want to test them, tell them you quit smoking and see who still comes around to hang out.
  8. I get you. I pretty much only smoke by myself or with my neighboor, who usually leaves after 10 minutes. I only smoke with my friends on special occasions like birthdays and shit. Tell them they can buy their own weed.
  9. i usually only smoke by myself but ill smoke my real buddies up when theyre around. its recession man moneys tight how are you being greedy by smoking what YOU paid for? tell your friends to quit being bums and chip in, or no smoke.
  10. Smoking by yourself is awesome because you get real high. Its cool to smoke with other people if they wanna match as well. They shouldn't expect to smoke your weed with them though, that greedy on their part.
  11. you know theyre holdin out on you dude.....people like that always do.
  12. If you buy a dime and smoke out one other person everytime you smoke with them, that's half your sack gone. That's five dollars... I'm very sure you wind up smoking out WAY more than just one other person too. I used to be in your position, I couldn't fucking believe how much money I really had when I stopped smoking people out and how much longer the weed lasts.. I was spending so much I thought I was addicted... Lol.
  13. Fuck them man. If they were your friends they wouldn't feel entitled to your stash and they'd be smoking you out.
  14. Since they wanna be greedy little faggots, do this:
    Tell them to come on down, that you wanna smoke them out.
    Instead, load your bowl or roll a joint, whatever,
    But smoke it infront of them. Never pass it.
    Blow smoke in theri face, and when you are good and high, say,
    "So, when are you gonna load a bowl, man?"
  15. .
  16. ^ actually, that would be pretty fucking funny...:D
  17. I have the same situation as you.
    I always seem to be the kid smoking everyone up all the time and no one ever seems to match me, and there are some kids who never ever match and always get smoked up and don't have to ever pay a dime, they don't even have any pieces. But then the times I don't have bud (which is rare), I always seem to have to throw down or try and match somehow, this is why I enjoy smoking with my self and sometimes my sister.
  18. Nailed it my friend. You just described my life. How nice. Except i toke up with my brother or my pops.
  19. fuck them and tell them to get their own weed. they are using you dude.
  20. you see me and my friends dont have this problem
    whenever someone gets bud they'll always smoke the others out
    and we always hit them back

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