Situation with a girl. Help me out with advice?

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    So I'm sort of in the following situation. 
    This girl I'm into has spent the two nights at my house. The first time she came about (3 weeks ago), we smoked a couple of blunts, she told me to put on a movie, and we laid in bed cuddling, but that's it. No sex or anything (Probably because I didn't make a move).
    She came over again the other night (around 11pm). I asked her to drop money for the smoke this time because I thought she wasn't interested in anything else (She obviously wanted to do more but I was too stupid to see this). However, this right here, as Chris Rock says it "Nothing dries up a woman's p*ssy faster than asking her to take her wallet out". She wanted to watch a movie and again we just slept, no sex. However this time, she wasn't too touchy at night, probably because I asked her to pay, until the next morning right before she left. We were cuddling and talking again. I put my hand on her thigh near her vagina(she let me), but then I panicked and couldn't finish the move. I know I'm a coward (I established this already)
    So all in all, she spent 2 nights in my bed but I was too much of a coward to make a move and too stupid to see the signs that she gave me. I later found out that she was shocked I asked her for 5 because "no guy that has tried to get with me has asked me for 5" - her words. I didn't care about the money ,honest, I just asked her because I didn't want to seem like the "nice guy" who smokes her out and gets nothing back. I suck at picking up on signs, but apparently if a girl wants to watch a movie in your bed, that doesn't mean she just wants to watch a movie.
    My questions are:
    Is there a chance this girl might still be into me?
    I really want to see this girl again, to man up and make a move this time. I know I'm going to see her again because she wants to run a 5k race with me in a few weeks(unless she cancels). We registered for the race before she left. I haven't talked to her since she left (yesterday morning). When should I try to talk to her again? What should I say?
    If by some miracle she comes over for a third time, and she is still down to have sex after we smoke, how do I patch up the other night and how do I MAKE THE MOVE?!?
    Details: We're both in college. Known this girl for awhile (met in 10th grade, I'm a senior [21] in college now). I realize now that she was interested in being more than friends until I asked her for money for the smoke. I can't think straight with this girl because I used to like her in high school and it didn't work out and now its like paralyzed me(especially when I'm high) from making a move.
    Thanks for the read. You don't need to tell me how I acted like a coward because I already know, just need some good advice.

  2. I think you should call her up. Invite her over and cook something up. Everyone is different and don't be nervous about"how fast you need to make a move"
  3. Watch some shitty romantic comedy and when it gets to a deep moment and she's really into it, lean in and kiss her.
  4. Stop watching movies and spend some time with her. Ask her out, show so confidence. Don't wait for her to ask to come watch a movie. Jesus dude. You could just be honest with her, tell you like her and want to move to the next thing or some shit. It's better than what you're doing now. If she has known you for several years, she probably has a feel for your personality and knows you're not some high testosterone alpha. Be honest with yourself and communicate with her, not us.
  5. Man it isn't too late. Call her up make it pretty clear you're interested without being too clingy to her, invite her over take her out to a dinner and bring her back. Then make your move. If she wants it too it'll happen, if not the worst thing that can happen is she says no. But you'll never know if you don't try. Good luck dude!

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  6. Everything's fine like everyone said you just gotta call her. Apologize say you weren't tryin to offend her or anything for asking for the money you just weren't thinking straight. Or even just call her and ask her to go out to dinner and joke and say but you gotta bring the bud this time. Just go for it. Can't hit a home run if you never swing :)
  7. If she's been in your bed 2 times already
    What makes u think she won't go for round 3?
    Just message her this

    "Round 3??" Lol
  8. Dont over think it, shes in your bed for a reason.
    Feel your way around until u get to the key spots (inner thigh, ass, or tits). If she reacts with a smile or moan go for the kiss and rub all ovaa.
    Personally i am a tit man, so i go for the tits and if shes diggin it i pop that bra lick those tits and kiss those lips( face lips). That usually moistens the non face lips. After that just unclothe her.
    Guaranteed to work. Thats if she wants to fuck.
  9. Ask her over to watch a movie, then you know, do whatever. Maybe she was ready to watch a movie but at the time you weren't. Now you are. Good luck tho in however you her back in your bed...........
  10. Take her dancing.
  11. Man, pick up the phone get her back over. Smoke a bowl head up to the bed to watch a movie as soon as you lay down to cuddle, Don't spoon. Pull her on top of you or vice versa throw the moves on her, undress her and yourself in stages. By the time you get ddonw to nothing shell be plenty wet and ready. Chris Rock was wrong lack of self confidence is what really turns women off. If she doesn't want to have sex she won't let it get this far. If she does she is going to eventually take the booty else where because there are a million other dudes out there that will pounce like a tiger.

    Don't think just do...!
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    why the hell would you ask for money from a girl you're into? a girl in your bed, too.

    hope that five got you something sweet off the dollar menu.
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    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 24, 2014, we've all been there...not quite as dense as that, but I was a shy muthafreaker as well back before I realized how to close a deal....woman don't walk on the lot lest she wants to buy...your bed is fuck central and any woman that sleeps with you in it, besides your sister or mother is fair game...just take that knowledge with you IF you get another shot....give her 5 back the minute you see her again, tell her you are an asshole and show her your self deprecating side, tell her you got some "special weed from Thailand"..make some shit up..anything to grt her back to position 1...fuck central...bolstered by the knowledge shes been exactly there 2 times prior with any subterfuge're working with a handicap now, so cheating is fair game...say what ya gotta to reset the clock, get her back in your bed...then play it by ear....but whatever you the clock..cause if you break the ice, you're gonna want most of your evening spent in and around the honey pot instead of changing cds, playlists, dvds, etc.....get stuck in'
  14.  This is such an obvious troll post 
  15. Buy her a dildo and attach a note that says, "because I didn't provide the D. PS, dildo was way more than five dollars".
  16. Fuck her right in the pussy. If she doesn't try to stop you, you know she is into you.
  17. If it were me, and a guy was nice and cuddly but not groping for two nights in his bed, I'd be into him and it would take a real douche move to change my mind. asking for a little help with smoke for two nights together isn't douche, and if you're wanting to make it up I'd say hit her up sometime and third time around maybe rent a movie together or something, get something like a pizza or whatever have it delivered it ya wanna... having nice grub, weed, and a movie together...Honestly when I think about it, if she hasn't made a comment about crossing the line yet, you're probably good to go... 
    This is control, your flight is cleared for landing, I repeat the runway is open you are cleared for landing
  18. Bro, just enjoy the moments you have. You don't even need to feel like a coward. This is a human being you're confronting not a beast, since I'm pretty sure you're trying to make moves on a beast. I am also horrendous at observing social cues; I suck with common knowledge slightly engraved in the culture. You're doing well man, and it's very possible that in that situation , which was you asking her to pay for the burn, you did a positive thing. She not only stayed with you, but she signed up to spend a day with you. You don't need to belittle yourself for doing what I would call breaking down, yet I think you're believing you need to make moves it's not always that serious. The mine, vagina, you're trying to pick at can always close, and it won't always be because of something you did or set up, but it very well could be.

    Just saying this isn't the most "general" topic.

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  19. My problem is sometimes I get really high and I just get paranoid as fuck. My mental game was off when I was with her. I know I was overthinking this lol. But I think she's coming sometime this week and I'm mentally straight and good to go. I got this. I'll keep you guys updated.
  20. Be the boss you are.

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