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situation what would you do?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by tokteza, Dec 28, 2012.


    I still live at home, my dad doesn't like me smoking but allows it only if i follow his rules. he knows where to find my stash and has even asked me for some. but lately he has been really paranoid about my mom or someone finding my stash and me possibly getting caught with it. and hes starting to ask me all sorts of questions like how much i have and how many pipes i have and where i keep it. he told me hes going to start flushing it if he can smell it from my room.

    I love smoking herb but i don't want my mom finding it either and i don't want my dad randomly flushing my weed just because he gets a little wiff of dank when he walks by my room. I never smoke in my room and i always keep my stuff hidden from sight. iv started keeping my weed in a mason jar witch completely conceals the smell. but im still worried about my dad finding it and flushing it.

    im debating weather to only smoke when im with friends or just stopping completely until im able to move out.

    my dad is worried my mom is going to find my stash and is going to start flushing my stash if he can smell it or if he finds it. im debating weather to only smoke when im with friends or just stopping completely until im able to move out.
  2. you should be fine with a mason jar.
  3. Mason jar that and put it into a backpack in the corner of your closet. So your temp and light exposure is minimal, so fresher bud and no smell
  4. ^hahahahaha thats where my bud has been since i started smoking to bad my dad knows to smell my back packs to find witch one.
  5. the fuck...why does your dad know where your stash is? I think the definition of a "stash" is so that no one else knows where it is right?
  6. just hide it somewhere good. can't be that hard to think of a place that no one would look.
  7. +1 for the mason jar and backpack.

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