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Sitting in the shower :P

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bennybeats, May 8, 2011.

  1. Has any one ever get baked take a shower and sit down while the water runs through your hair? I love it i sat for an hour and a half today :D
  2. haha I always do that. Then forget where I am. Because my bathroom looks really white when im stoned, I then proceed to thinking I'm in a future world. I then believe this future world is the World State from Brave New World. I then proceed to believe I am controlled by my own mind, and that I am a slave to society. I then see the illusion of freedom our world sees, but in truth we are only slaves. I then proceed to believe that I am outcast and should hole myself up in a room and separate myself from society to prevent conformity and this endless slavery.

    And then I remember im in the shower, and that I'm really stoned.
  3. I just take a bath when I'm stoned, it feels amazing :smoke:
  4. unfortunately my bathtub is too small to take a comfortable bath, but my gf has a huge bathtub that I love to soak in

    As far as the original thread, yea I've sat down in the shower before. but never when I was high. it was usually when i was too exhausted to stand, or after a car accident it was too hard to stand lol
  5. Hahaha I've done that plenty of times, parents always get pissed :p

  6. Ew sitting in your own filth and dead skin feels amazing to you? Hippies these days I swear.
  7. I personally take Japanese style baths. I wash myself and my hair and then put my hair up and fill the tub with fresh water and have a nice long, steamy soak.

    No filth here, well, unless you count my hippy-scented home made frankincense bath oil. :D
  8. An hour and a half? You must have one huge hot water heater then.
  9. your water bill o_O
  10. aw damn at first glance i thought this thread was "shitting in the shower"
    needless to say i was intrigued XD
  11. thats my plan tonight, get super baked then take a nice hot shower

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