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sitting here

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by punkyworld, Jun 1, 2003.

  1. stoned off my ass eating home grown blackberrys covered in sugar... yummmm.... anyone wanna buy a gallon?
  2. maybe if they were rasberries...mmmm
  3. McChicken sandwich... mmm........ o sorry, is this the fruit thread? I'm looking for the grade D chicken thread...
  4. haha i ate strawberrys and creme last night when i was baked! sooo good!
  5. Munching on some beef jerky now. Tasty!!!

  6. YES!! I love blackberries!!!

  7. the ground meat is lower grade than dog food. yuummm lol

    I want some blackberries! Ill take some of them strawberries too. and peaches? who got the peaches?

  8. $1.05 to be exact, i work there though so its either free after 15 min of it sitting there (after 15 min, all food maust be thrown away and new food made, not that that makes it any good) or half off. so i get a super good deal, me and all my friends!

  9. wow that pretty disgusting!

    but im still gonna eat it! :D

  10. yeah it is pretty gross. I eat the chicken. lol, I never read anything about that..what gets me is they (can!) take the fine everyday for serving it, cause it is cheaper than the price difference in buying the higher grade meat. yuk! lol..yum

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